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Agile – is it for you?

17 Feb 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
Is Agile right for your company? The Agile Manifesto holds that people and collaboration should be valued over processes and plans (purists please excuse the paraphrasing). [...]


9 Dec 2010 by Aslam Khan
When you see those words output on a terminal screen, in a window or even at the other end of a message queue, then you realise that you’ve taken the first successful step in conquering the unknown. [...]

WikiLeaks – an IT perspective

9 Dec 2010 by KRS
There are a number of IT lessons to be learned: how vulnerable even large corporations are, as well as the speed with which online groups can react against business. [...]

Excel: Named Constants

9 Dec 2010 by Jasper Cook
Using Name Manager or Name, Define on Insert menu (Excel 21003), add its name e.g. vat, and in the Refers To window, type “=0.14”. Now it can be used in a formula, e.g. “=B12*vat”. [...]

Excel: Reversing a List

9 Nov 2010 by Jasper
If it’s a list that can’t be sorted, like an itinerary, the usual trick is to add an adjacent column of sequential numbers and sort on that. But that’s work, isn’t it? [...]

Are you getting value for your software development budget?

9 Nov 2010 by KRS
In 2009, the Standish Group published a study covering 40,000 software projects over a 10 year period. They discovered that 51% were “challenged” – over time, over budget or lacking critical features. [...]

Change is the only Constant!

8 Sep 2010 by KRS
Media tablets, 3D flat-panel TVs, and Cloud Computing are some of the technologies that have moved into the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”, according to Gartner’s August 2010 review. 1800 technologies were evaluated in producing their report. [...]