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About RoomSeeker

Beds empty? Coffee getting cold? Let RoomSeeker put you in front of a global audience of eager travellers. Our accommodation eCommerce platform helps you drive bookings and manage your properties seamlessly.

For two decades, RoomSeeker has been the booking and property management software of choice for South African National Parks.

Our cloud-based solutions remove the hassle of managing your own server infrastructure and integrate to many online travel agents (OTAs)

With many custom features for the resort industry, RoomSeeker boasts a mobile ticketing system which can operate in offline mode, allowing you to process guest entries in a breeze.

Developed in conjunction with the hospitality industry, the RoomSeeker™ software is an industry leader in Itinerary and Reservation management.

Integration into over 250 OTAs gives you the global reach you need.

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Our Products

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Search in real-time for available units and pay securely through the PCI secure payment portal.
Publish your accommodation to over 250 online travel agent websites like and
Manage guest bookings at the front desk with ease.
Guests may complete all mandatory disclaimer forms before arrival significantly speeding up the check-in process.
Financial reports, bank reconciliations and integration to your accounting systems.
A full range of reporting is available from guest arrivals, departures, housekeeping, and payments.

Clients we have worked with

Online Bookings

Does your existing website require sophisticated booking functionality?
Whether you need a secure payment system or want to boost your website with online bookings,
RoomSeeker™ has the functionality for your business.

Various devices showing online bookings done via KRS RoomSeeker software on AfriTrails and Night Sky Bookings

Real Time Availability

Guests get so frustrated when their reservation has been overbooked. Make this problem a thing of the past with RoomSeeker’s real-time booking engine. The centralised database ensures that bookings made in-house and on your website are always reliable.

Comprehensive search functionality

Guests can search your website’s resorts by region, area, facilities, accommodation type and much more. These filters allow guests to view accommodation that specifically suits their needs.

Guest communication

Guests receive email and SMS communication for various actions performed on the system. Any reservation updates automatically generate communication to the guest. Resorts have the option to activate automated SMSs to guests for bookings and payments made.


Full edit and cancellation functionality allows your guests to take control of their own bookings without having to contact your support staff.

Online payments

Choose from several payment methods to securely accept payments. RoomSeeker complies with the PCI and DSS banking standards.

Payment Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile large payment batches between RoomSeeker and your bank statement, saving you time and money.

Channel Management - RoomSeeker Bookings through Online Travel Agents (OTA)

Reach the world through our integrations into online travel agents like, and many more.

Front Desk

Our Front Desk module allows for the full management of bookings, guests,
and entry into the resort.

Diagram showing Channel Management with RoomSeeker booking software by KRS
RoomSeeker Front Desk module by KRS displayed on laptop

Multi-property inventory management with hierarchy setup structure and global availability

Managing multiple resorts is simplified with a hierarchical setup allowing grouping of resorts into regions. View all your availability across resorts on one screen. The central database ensures you have a real-time view of your availability.

Client communication via email or SMS

Guests receive email and SMS communication for all booking and payment related tasks performed on RoomSeeker. You as a resort can decide during which action the system must send an SMS to a guest for notification purposes. RoomSeeker also keeps a communication log against each guest of the resort.

Comprehensive Modification, Cancellation and Discounting Rules

Configure your booking rules based on the parameters that drive the RoomSeeker booking engine. Manage deposit rules, including when and how much should be forfeited on cancellation. Want to charge a modification fee or offer a discount? RoomSeeker empowers you to apply these options across the board or only to a particular guest type.

Generation of Quotes

RoomSeeker provides the guest with a quote before the booking is secured. On acceptance the quote turns into a confirmed booking, otherwise the inventory is released back into the availability pool for that resort.

Comprehensive Client File and Guest Statuses

With our comprehensive guest statuses users can immediately see whether a guest is a VIP, blacklisted, suspended or active. This assists users when capturing a booking on behalf of a guest.

Client type specific reservations with rules and rate management

Guest classification allows you to link specific rules, accommodation and rates to different guest profiles. You can enjoy total granular control of your inventory.

Housekeeping module

The status of accommodation units is visible to system users, thus allowing housekeeping to manage staff and room cleaning schedules. On guest check-in, system users can confirm straightaway if the unit or room is ready for occupation.

Maintenance bookings

Sometimes units or rooms need to be taken “offline” for maintenance. This is a simple task in RoomSeeker. Once the unit is blocked out, it is no longer available for guest bookings until it is released back into the availability pool.

Multiple Destinations, itineraries on One Reservation

Set up your resorts so that guests can book multiple destinations, accommodation types and units on one reservation. The RoomSeeker rules engine, which you configure, allows bookings to be captured based on destinations or accommodation types.

Gate Control

Our Gate Control Mobile app allows speedy access to entry points.

Man using Gate Control software by KRS on tablet for visitor arrivals

Entrance and Exit permits

On entry and exit of the resort, permits are generated for your guests ensuring all people entering are accounted for and all outstanding balances are paid. Permits are generated for your day visitors as well as all overnight guests.

Daily Cash-ups

Staff working at the entry gates have the option to do a daily cash-up on all payments received by cash or card. This ensures that all entries into the resort are accounted for, and the payments reflect correctly.

Purchases at the gate – Mini POS

If your resort sells items at the point of entry, RoomSeeker has a lightweight Point-of-sale system to record firewood and matches purchases.

Gate Entry in Offline mode

There is no need for your resort to implement manual procedures when you are offline. Staff can use the Gate Module in offline mode processing all day visits and goods purchases. When connectivity is restored, the system synchronises the local data back to the central database.

Tablet and battery-powered Bluetooth printer

The Gate Module runs on an Android tablet allowing your gate staff to walk to the vehicles of your guests, where they can process transactions and print receipts via the connected Bluetooth mobile printer.

Entry via Barcode / QR Codes

On confirmed bookings RoomSeeker sends your guests a barcode or QR Code that allows your gate staff to scan them in. This can dramatically reduce the wait times for entry.

Pre-arrival portal

The pre-arrival portal is a web application allowing clients to capture their arrival details and complete all applicable indemnity forms before arriving at the park.

Client using RoomSeeker pre-arrival portal web app by KRS on laptop

Real time interface with booking system to validate people to be captured on pre-arrival portal

The pre-arrival portal interfaces with the booking system linking your completed indemnity forms to your booking. The forms make allowance for only the correct number of guests information to be captured.

Less congestion at entry point

The pre-arrival portal allows your guests to complete the prescribed forms in advance, significantly speeding up the entry process. In fact, guests need not leave their cars at all.

Finance Module

RoomSeeker Finance Module web app software by KRS displayed on a iMac and MacBook

Capture, Reverse, Transfer and Void Transactions

All financial transactions are managed by the resort owners/users themselves within the financial module. Users will be able to capture new financial transactions, reverse or void a financial transaction or transfer a transaction to another account. A full automated audit trail is stored for actions performed.

Process Refunds

A fully auditable refund process is in place for users to request, approve or decline refunds with authorisation. Refund amounts are validated against the bookings concerned for better control.

Receptionists at your resort have the option to refund clients in cash from the cash drawers if required. This feature, like many others in RoomSeeker, require special privileges to be configured for these system users.

Importing payments and auto allocate to bookings

All payments made by the client against a booking can be imported and automatically allocated to your client’s bookings. No manual capturing of payments is required. This can be a life saver in a large organisation.


All reception staff do a full cash-up every day to ensure all money is accounted for. System cash-up totals will be validated against all money collected during the shift. Reconciliation is required before the shift can be closed.

Shift Management

Shifts are created individually for each resort. The users work in a shift to perform their daily cash-ups. To run this process as smoothly as possible, tracking and reporting is also included.

Reporting Module

Each RoomSeeker module provides relevant reports and can be based on historical day data, and some are real time.

Reports are access controlled and exportable into various formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, and normal text documents. You can automatically generate reports and send them to the relevant recipients.

Current report sections include, but are not limited to:

RoomSeeker Reporting Module web app software by KRS dislayed on an iMac

Reservation Reports

  • Deposit Request letter, Confirmation Letter
  • Pro-Forma Invoice
  • Auto Cancel and cancelled due to insufficient deposit paid.

Management Reports

  • Supervisor Report showing expected arrivals (Casual, VIP, Debtor and Staff), departures report
  • No shows
  • House account balances
  • Surpluses and shortages.

Front Desk Reports

  • Cash Disbursement Form
  • Cash Sheet
  • Guest Tax Invoice and Reservation List, to name a few.

Financial Reports

  • Cash Up Actual Report
  • Debtors Tax Invoice
  • EFT Auto Allocation Report
  •  Transaction Details Report, to mention a few.
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