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We love sharing our knowledge for the benefit of the development community. As a result, we offer very practical hands-on Developer Training and workshops, drawing from our 35 years of experience in our teams using the skills we teach. These include Event Storming, Domain Driven Design (DDD), and key XP practices such as Pair Programming and Test Driven Development (TDD).

Event Storming

Event Storming is a new and exciting technique to identify events in the domain you are modelling. We facilitate workshops for companies where we walk all the participants through what event storming involves and help them through a hands-on exercise.

We also assist with facilitating your first actual session, by guiding new users through the process, additionally ensuring that the session is a safe space to allow the best possible outcome.

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Domain Driven Design

This developer training session involves two different sections with the details listed below. There are practical aspects during the sessions to allow all attendees to get to grip with the concepts. At the end of this training, you will leave with an understanding of the principles of DDD and some code examples for how to implement it.

Introduction to DDD

Ubiquitous Language, Bounded Contexts, Entities, Aggregates and Value Objects, Event Storming Intro and Case Study.

Advanced DDD

Exercises with Entities, Aggregates, Value Objects, Advance Bounded Contexts and exercise, Patterns: Onion, Hexagon, CQRS, and Event Sourcing. Coding examples are in C# for .Net Core


We use practices from XP internally and can facilitate training on these practices. Indeed, we believe that XP is the forgotten pillar of Agile, and it’s particularly important to talk about code practices with your team. No other Agile methodology actually supports the development team, except XP. 

If you’re serious about robust, quality code, please look into XP. Lastly, we also have a couple of industry event talks which might be helpful.

Public presentations

Applying Systems Thinking to Teams and Software

Lorraine Steyn presented at Agile meets Architecture 2023 in Berlin. The talk discussed how, in spite of clean code and great architecture, most long term systems degrade into the big ball of mud. Reframing the problem with a Systems Thinking lens shows how systems can curb good people from doing good work.
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KRS Ayesha Bagus and Lorraine Steyn present at DDD Europe 2023

DDD Europe 2023

Ayesha Bagus and Lorraine Steyn presented at DDD Europe in Amsterdam in June 2023. Our topic was how to apply Systems Thinking to people and team dynamics. The interactive session was well received, and we brought along our fun scenario game cards.
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Legacy Refactoring

Lorraine Steyn joined JetBrains .NET Days Online 2021 to discuss strategies we to “rescue” legacy code, and how to prevent your system from becoming the Big Ball of Mud.
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Lor Steyn from KRS presenting at KanDDDinsky

KanDDDinsky, Berlin

Lor Steyn presented at KanDDDinsky in Berlin in October. This vibrant Domain Driven Design (DDD) conference provided some great sessions on Event Storming, live-coding Refactoring workshops, and Lor’s own Systems Thinking session.
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Alain King at Agile Africa 2018 to share his Agile knowledge and discussing Developer Training

Agile Africa

Alain King joined Agile Africa 2018 to deliver his presentation, ‘How to Handle Legacy’, which explores the growing problem of legacy code – something KRS has identified early on the ‘modern’ game.
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Lorraine Steyn from KRS presents Agile Testing Days in Berlin

Agile Testing Days

Back in Germany in November, Lor presented at Agile Testing Days on the importance of Pair Programming to bake quality into the code from the beginning. It was inspiring to attend these two important conferences, and bring back ideas to learn and grow at KRS.
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KRS presents ar SUGSA event


Have you experienced team discussions or meetings going round and round in circles – with no real outcome – only to be repeated again and again? Sharna Sammy, Scrum Master at KRS, likes to call this The Circle of Death and has four helpful tips to specifically avoid this situation.
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Startup Grind

Lorraine Steyn spoke at Women in Tech about her extensive experience in the IT industry. Her talk covered founding KRS in 1987 in the early days of desktop computing, and how the company has evolved to the web, mobile development, and big data solutions over the years.

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