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Do you need help with your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Product Owner role, or to facilitate an Event Storming session? KRS offers comprehensive Business Analysis services.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The idea of an MVP comes from the LEAN community and embraces the idea of getting the smallest workable product to market as quickly as possible.

KRS assists clients to define their MVP whilst looking for the unique selling point that will make users love the product. We like to call this the Minimum Lovable Product, as an MVP is not about a sub-quality offering, but rather about defining your key benefit to make money sooner.

Some recent MVP examples

My Baby Plate App logo

My Baby Plate is a mobile application that provides nutritional and developmental guidelines to HIV positive mothers on how to care for their uninfected infants and young children.

Softcom Solutions Logo

A sophisticated website that supports brokers in placing build orders at shipping yards.

Let our experience guide you to:

a simple, cost effective but still complete MVP

a design that will wow your users

learn product lessons early and prioritise features according to business value.

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Product Owner Services

A key part of our Business Analysis service is making sure that the right problem is addressed. We can assist with a senior Product Owner to help define your product or business requirements. We draw on our experience in various business domains to ensure that our team speak your language and can bring relevant experience to the table.

KRS uses new techniques like Event Storming to gather high-level requirements quickly, and then refine these into small, clearly defined deliverables for the development team.

The Product Owner takes the lead in various aspects of the development life cycle, such as managing priorities, liaising with all stakeholders and ensuring that there is high visibility of the progress of your project. Our approach will always be to follow the best Agile practices so that we can adapt to changing business needs.

Event Storming Facilitation

Event Storming is a collaborative way of exploring a complex business domain. Consequently, it’s a really great way to get everyone’s input on the required behaviour of the system.

KRS offers training for your team in how to run an event storming session, and we can  facilitate an event storming session with your users. We explain the process and help to guide and focus the participants to stay on track around the problem space.

Check out our blog for more information on this technique.

We offer workshops and bootcamps for developers too, and you can see our full training menu.

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