About KRS

Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS) develops custom software for a wide variety of clients, from corporate and government to start ups.

Our achievements

KRS is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner (since 2007) with Data and Development competencies. We have extensive Cloud and SQL experience.

Our clients say some nice things about us in the various testimonials on this site, check out our case studies to see who we are from the perspective of our clients.

KRS - Khanyisa Real Systems - developer working at his desk

Public speaking

We speak at many local and international conferences to share our knowledge, and learn from other international speakers. Knowledge sharing is the cornerstone of a thriving software development environment, so we strive to continue learning and growing.

The History of KRS

KRS was founded in 1987. This longevity signifies over four decades of navigating the ebbs and flows of market demands and adopting major IT advancements.

Our years of industry experience are not just a number — they are a testament to resilience, capability, and an unflinching commitment to robust and reliable software solutions.

Today we are proud to be a fully remote development company, with staff all over South Africa and even a few on other continents!

KRS - Khanyisa Real Systems - collage of two images showing the company directors and founders
KRS - Khanyisa Real Systems - collage of two images showing four KRS staff members

Our Values

Our core values are those of honesty and respect of individuals. We could also tell you how we value diversity and create safe spaces for people to flourish. But maybe our staff retention numbers explain it better. In an industry where most IT staff move jobs every 1.5 to 2 years, KRS boasts an average staff length of service of 7.5 years.

We have a regular intake of juniors through our annual internship programme, and ongoing professional development for all staff. We provide meaningful benefits, and a great remote work support structure.

It’s not just our staff who stay with us. We have clients who’ve relied on us for many years, and those who always come back to us for their next project.

Get in touch with the KRS Team

We create long term relationships with our clients through excellent customer support and listening to your needs.

Doodle drawings of communication icons
Doodle drawings of communication icons