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What is it like to work at KRS?

The Spirit of KRS: Human-centred careers

KRS has always been a human-centred company. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted us to go fully remote and find life-work balance in a new way.

We’re still a social bunch and love to hang out together. On any given day you might find teams playing a quick game of Among Us, enjoying a company braai in Wynberg Park or getting creative at Clay Cafe. The chance to chill out and have some fun is a vital part of our culture.

We actively focus on psychological safety to create an ethos where everyone feels that they belong. We’ve reduced our working hours, run workshops and career upskilling programs and improved our maternity and paternity benefits. We also have a small office with hot desks. This offers teams the opportunity or individuals to connect, if they prefer a more social environment.

Our ethos

We pause and reflect a lot. From quarterly leadership strategy reviews to teams retrospectives. Consequently we are determined to rethink the workplace constructs and reimagine the type of environment that allow our people to thrive and build incredible careers.

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Careers @ KRS

Currently hiring

Software Engineer

At KRS we create an inspired, collaborative environment. People can take ownership of their work; push breakthrough ideas; and feel confident that their contributions will be valued, and their growth championed. You will find KRS to be full of energy and a workplace in which you truly can make a difference. With mentoring, ongoing training, the opportunities to learn new skills and rotate within our teams, we focus on continuously growing as an organisation to create the best solutions for our customers.

Job Summary

We’re looking for a Software Engineer with experience in the successful delivery of complex software systems. You will draw on this experience as they work with their team members to deliver high quality code to meet our business goals. If you are keen to introduce and promote good practices into the team, help foster a collaborative environment, and help us continue our move towards better quality software then we want to hear from you.

Primary Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • As a Software Developer, you will be joining a dedicated and collaborative team. The team works together, inviting ideas and new approaches and solutions. You will be a valued, trusted and an inclusive part of the group, and have a voice that is heard amongst your peers. Become a key player in the delivery of quality robust software solutions.
  • You will be responsible for the grooming and implementing of user stories covering both product and architectural areas.
  • You will be expected to foster team culture and break down knowledge silos by collaborating within and beyond your team and helping to facilitate communication with both your team and the client.
  • All developers are expected to design, develop, and maintain high quality, production-ready, code and constructively QA the code of other developers.
  • You will participate in our agile ceremonies, and we will constantly redefine how we work to ensure that its’ the best way.
  • As an established developer with 5 years+ experience, you should be looking to hone your skills possibly by focusing more in a specific area with the view of becoming an expert that can teach and inspire others.
  • You should be participating in the design process at most stages and be contributing ideas for process or team improvements on a regular basis.
  • Constantly challenge yourself as technology evolves.
Your Day

You will have the autonomy to experiment in the spirit of Agile and Lean and do what works, try new things, and stop doing what doesn’t work. We pair on production code, and we swap pairs often to ensure that it’s effective and energising.

Our Team

We’re dedicated to enable our technology systems to be as intuitive, automated, and resilient as our customers expect them to be. Our Agile teams are empowered do their best work and relentlessly improve our code.

Our current tech stack includes the following (however it varies between teams):

  • .Net (C#) – both Framework and Core
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • SQL
Knowledge required
  • Knowledge of object-oriented design principles
  • Knowledge of different datastore technologies
  • Understanding of Web security by design principles
  • Experience of unit test frameworks and test automation
  • Working Agile (Scrum or Kanban) experience
  • The ability to communicate effectively to technical and non-technical audiences.
Useful skills to have
  • Understanding and experience of configuring and managing tools to enable software development practices, such as Continuous Delivery, test automation, and performance tuning
  • Understanding of TDD

We would prefer candidates from Cape Town, but we will consider Johannesburg candidates as well. We have satellite offices in both cities.

KRS Assessment test

Applicants who progress beyond the first-round selection process will be required to write our logic test. Ace our test and you’ll get our attention.

KRS Perks
  • Developer-oriented workplace; work on a variety of compelling, challenging projects
  • Created by devs, for devs; 90% of staff has development background, including senior management
  • Bi-annual salary reviews
  • Team environment, collaborative learning environment, transparent communications
  • Flexible 35-hour work week

To submit your CV, please mail

Khanysisa Real Systems internship graduation 2023

Internship Bootcamp

Where IT careers get launched: Join our Internship Bootcamp

We hosted our internship programme in early 2024. We realise the awful impact Covid 19 has had on many graduates’ career plans, having their internships cancelled, their studies being moved to remote lectures and graduations delayed, it’s been a scary and uncertain time for all.

Helping our youth to get their foot into the door of a career in software development has always been something KRS has been passionate about. We’ve run an annual software internship for over a decade and it has kick started many successful careers. We also have been working hard to make sure our internship can become more accessible for all. If you are an IT graduate or currently an IT intern with a passion for developing great software, this is definitely for you.

What are the requirements?

Applicants must:

Apply now

Applications are closed for our 2024 internship.

More about the Programme

Our projects are run according to Agile principles, so you will learn about Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test-driven development (TDD), Databases, Domain driven design (DDD) and much more. The programme is full-time, and interns are expected to work a full day, five days a week. It is facilitated by a Senior developer and Scrum Master who will provide you with weekly feedback on your progress.

All interns will obtain a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the Internship. Upon completion of the programme, successful interns may also have the opportunity of permanent employment with the company based upon their performance during the internship. Please send a copy of your CV, ID, Matric certificate and university transcripts from your last year and a link to your online portfolio (if you have one). If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful based on the criteria above.