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Jerm cartoon on marriage

Jerm on marriage

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Abstract image of testing software. A laptop with a magnifying glass on a bug.

Testing – Critical Success Factor in Agile

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Abstract entrepreneurs growing

KRS Growing with Entrepreneurs

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A pair of hands typing on a laptop

Writing Good User Stories

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Cyber security risk management abstract concept vector illustration.

The Great Firewall of China

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Jerm cartoon on dating

Jerm on dating

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Superhero pose in action

Project Rescue

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Illustration of the word mentoring with people around


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A pile of 3D Twitter logos

Egypt in Tweets

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Illustration of three people trying to make a decision. They are surrounded by question marks.

Agile – is it for you?

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Øredev logo


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WikiLeaks logo

WikiLeaks – an IT perspective

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A magnifying glass on a spreadsheet

Excel: Named Constants

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A pencil and eraser lying next to each other on a piece of paper with recently erased marks.

Excel: Reversing a List

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A man using a calculator and money.

Are you getting value for your software development budget?

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