Define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with KRS

KRS has an exceptional record for consistently delivering software that makes real business sense contributing to the growth and success of all our clients. Our software engineering is all about proven processes and identifying the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This saves our clients’ money and decreases the risk of a failed product. For KRS it is all about shippable products as soon as possible in order to provide our clients with a return on investment early on during a project or new product launch.

Our key skills are:

  • Facilitating strategic sessions to ensure the right solution is designed for the right problem
  • Selecting appropriate technology for performance, security, and speed of delivery
  • Selecting only top staff, from our graduate interns to our highly qualified engineers
  • Developing clean code that works
  • Providing excellent customer service

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The idea of an MVP comes from the LEAN community. It embraces the idea of getting the smallest workable product to market as quickly as possible.

We assist clients to define their MVP whilst looking for the unique selling point that will make users love the product. We call this the Minimum Lovable Product, as an MVP is not about a sub-quality offering, but rather about defining your key benefit to make money sooner.

You want real, measurable benefits your business can gain from? Give us the opportunity to identify your MVP through our lean processes. Let’s ensure that your product proposal is viable without significant cost or risk.

Whether you have new software to launch, replace or enhance a legacy system we can assist in a smooth and cost-effective transition. Let’s help you increase your productivity while achieving more with less.

Companies can easily step into the pitfalls of an MVP.

KRS illustration depicting Minimum Viable Product pitfalls

We can assist your company through our Agile processes to identify the MVP that will address your client’s needs. MVP is part of the lean startup approach to adjust the problem-solution fit.

We can assist our clients to produce a successful MVP by ensuring:

  • The MVP is simple, cost effective but still complete,
  • Ensure to have a prototype as it is essential to get feedback and refine your ideas,
  • MVP as a rapid prototype which requires less time and money,
  • Facilitate cost effective product development,
  • Have greater insight into prospects,
  • Help our clients identify future features.

Get your product to market as soon as possible! Find out more how we can help you to define your MVP.

KRS illustration depicting Minimum Viable Product advantages