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Jerm on ReTweets Jerm on ReTweets

30 Jul 2016 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

taskexpress Digital Worker Ants get a helping hand

6 Jul 2016 by KRS
We’ve upgraded our Task Express website to be more reflective of what this handy programme can accomplish. [...]

IT skills IT Skills for the Future

6 Jul 2016 by Lorraine Steyn
We were recently asked to submit an article to Achiever magazine, exploring career choices in the IT field. [...]

Job Shadowing at KRS Job Shadowing at KRS

27 Jun 2016 by KRS
In anticipation of our next Software Development Internship programme for 2017, we have started offering I.T students interested in coding an opportunity to come and spend a day with us to experience our company culture. [...]

When Text-to-Columns Fails

11 May 2016 by Jasper Cook
In a column of full names containing first, middle and last names, Excel’s Text-To-Columnsfunction fails with last names like “van der Merwe”. To get around this, using Names Manager, we’ll create our own text functions standing on the broad shoulders of some text functions already available in Excel. [...]

Product Owner Unicorns Product Owner Unicorns

10 May 2016 by KRS
Product Owners are critical in an Agile team: they are the primary link between business and developers. The concept of Product Owners is awesome – as awesome as the idea of unicorns, and perhaps as unattainable. [...]

internship KRS Internship Programme 2016

15 Mar 2016 by Barbara Mackay
January welcomed 14 bright new minds into the KRS family with the commencement of our 2016 internship programme. [...]

imbored I’m Bored bites the Apple

3 Mar 2016 by KRS
I’m Bored is an application developed by KRS that is every parent’s answer to the chilling words of their offspring “I’m Bored” or “I’ve got nothing to do”. [...]

Jerm on status updates Jerm on status updates

13 Dec 2015 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

capenature RoomSeeker™ – Spring Vacation Time!

1 Oct 2015 by KRS
Recently KRS was awarded the CapeNature ecotourism and central reservation Systems Implementation tender. [...]

The Case against Non-Technical Managers

1 Oct 2015 by Lorraine Steyn
Software development has an image of nerdy people with poor people skills. Whilst luckily not true in most cases, the stereotype probably contributes to companies often appointing non-technical managers to run IT departments. [...]

Excel Tip: Forms & Protection

15 Sep 2015 by Jasper
Sometimes we need to create form-like sheets in a workbook, for example where user input is wanted. Presenting a plain grid is bland. Here is an approach to creating a sheet that behaves like a form, using cell protection. [...]

Jerm on moles Jerm on moles

13 Aug 2015 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

Toastmasters empowers the team at KRS

2 Jul 2015 by KRS
There has been a strong focus on attending Toastmasters at KRS to help our staff grow their professional presentation skills. We asked both Alain King, Training Manager and Architect at KRS, and Ayesha Bagus, HR Manager at KRS, to tell us about their Toastmaster journey. [...]

Powering up with Elon Musk and his Powerwall

28 May 2015 by KRS
The Powerwall, (version 1) is the first renewable energy source aimed principally at the home consumer market. It is currently billed as ‘energy storage for a sustainable home.’ [...]

KRS Academy powers ahead

28 May 2015 by KRS
KRS engaged with around 500 first year Computer Science students at UWC exploring possible career alternatives and presenting what is currently available to them, and then at the beginning of May, some Agile lessons from the trenches with the Honours students at UCT. [...]

GridTalk and Tech!

28 May 2015 by KRS
Beyond the obvious frustrations of cold showers and cold food (in winter nogal), South Africa’s protracted energy crisis and its effect on the ICT industry has serious implications for the country’s overall economy. [...]

Build or Buy? Could an agile process change your mind…?

15 May 2015 by Steve Randles
The on-going debate; build custom software or buy a packaged solution? [...]

Jerm on sleep Jerm on sleep

13 May 2015 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

Mobile World Congress Top Topics at Mobile World Congress

27 Mar 2015 by KRS
Here’s a quick look at the top stories from Mobile World Congress that took place in Barcelona at the beginning of this month. [...]