Integration – The KRS Way

Integration projects within companies are often moved lower down the IT roadmap as they are seen to be complicated and frustrating. Why? Well bringing two or more different software programmes together and integrating the code to result in a successful business specified outcome, is always a challenge. They can also be very costly in that they may take longer than expected, specifications may change during the process, or key people involved leave the project before it is complete. The very word “integrate” comes from the Latin word “integer”, means entire or whole or complete. So how are these projects completed @KRS, and completed so well?

When the Agile approach is used in integration projects, these hurdles are expected and they are dealt with and resolved as they arise. @KRS we tackle all projects with the Agile approach and, as a result, we are particularly fond of integration projects. But of course, we have experience, passionate people, and the knowledge as well.

A recent key project for an international gym client included integrating a security platform which uses palm vein reader technology into a version of the KRS Club membership management software. This involved creating a robust and detailed API so that personal biometrics are carried accurately into the membership software system to control access and enhance the gym members’ security while at gym. The accurate data can now also improve the customers overall experience with targeted, relevant customer communication.

So why not outsource your next integration project or if you need two systems to talk to one another, contact us and make your life easier.