Software skills planning for 2015

While you are planning your company’s goals for 2015, what software development are you going to need to help achieve these goals? More often than not, internal development teams cannot meet all roadmap goals, not through lack of knowledge, but lack of resources.

KRS works side-by-side with your development team to offer expertise and skills in web services development and response web development areas that will help achieve your company’s objectives.

As an example, KRS is currently partnering with an international gym client who has outsourced their membership software to the KRS team. We are integrating their biometric security software into a bespoke club membership management system and are now rolling out this project to assist our client to control user access and manage the member database including payments across a variety of clubs.

This project is also making use of our responsive front-end web development, and our experience in these skills include:

  • Single page applications,
  • C# web development
  • JavaScript, using TypeScript or CoffeeScript
  • Knockout for data binding
  • HTML 5 and CSS

Our web services development skills include:

  • C# web services
  • Restful API
  • Domain driven design

And KRS is well-known for outstanding database skills. KRS developed the WinQS system for ACE Solutions approximately 15 years ago, which is used by over 3,000 quantity surveyors. ACE Solutions has remained a client ever since as we continue to enhance the package to keep them as the market leader. See more Case Studies.

Our database expertise include:

  • Cloud hosting on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server (all versions)
  • MongoDB – PostgreSQL

Developing and maintaining web applications including full user functionality, updating a database in real time, performance optimisation on the database and web requests, plus integrating with third party applications, should not be a nightmare for companies.

If you are currently facing a project that is not meeting expectations or deadlines, it might be time to work with experienced software teams who use the Agile methodology and approach to projects. This includes small, frequent system deliverables, and high end-user involvement, making sure that companies achieve their software development goals, in time.