Digital Worker Ants get a helping hand

We’ve upgraded our Task Express website to be more reflective of what this handy programme can accomplish.

Task Express helps businesses be more productive – whether it is creating tasks and sharing them with colleagues, tracking calls and follow-ups for call centres, or remembering the multitude of daily tasks involved in receiving an order and sending it out; needing to stay on top of membership queries and loyalty programme points, system upgrades, or even just being reminded of when it’s the bosses birthday.

Those who have followed our journey with Task Express will be familiar with the fact this is a bespoke platform created by KRS to fill the gap between professional project management systems and daily task reminders. Those who are new to our newsletter and the KRS story are encouraged to trial this time saving and stress relieving product. Task Express is applicable to any industry and is appropriate for businesses of three people to even 500.

When thinking about the creative for the new site, the team realised that actually what Task Express does is act as an unseen colony of digital coder ants, whose sole job it is, is to collaborate with you, to get things done. Have a look for yourself!