Job Shadowing at KRS

In anticipation of our next Software Development Internship programme for 2017, we have started offering I.T students interested in coding an opportunity to come and spend a day with us to experience our company culture. The KRS Job Shadowing program is an opportunity for graduates to gain first-hand, real-world knowledge of a possible career path by engaging in career exploration.

The program is held onsite at KRS, and includes the opportunity to job shadow a KRS Developer for the day and join our entire team for lunch.

So, what is job shadowing? It’s is an opportunity for students to connect or “shadow” a business professional who has specific knowledge about an occupation or career you’re interested in. At KRS you’ll observe responsibilities and tasks associated with being a Developer and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talent and level of education required for the job. While the purpose of this program is for us to get to know each other better, it also allows you to be in a real learning situation. You’ll learn the trends of your field of interest and see workforce technologies in action. Hopefully you will join us for our next Internship programme as well!


As a participating student, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Gain first-hand career knowledge and get relevant, real-world career advice and insight
  • Practice interview skills, build your professional network, and increase your career readiness
  • Take action in planning for your future success
  • Learn about career program options from KRS
  • See how what you’ve learnt in class connects directly with the skills used in everyday work life as a Developer
  • Meet last year’s interns and speak to them about their experience and get advice from them on how to prepare for our internship

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Job shadowing at KRS

Justin Erasmus joined us for a day of Job Shadowing. Justin is a BSc Computer Science student at the University of the Western Cape, and had this to say:

“I arrived early, clueless of what to expect and cold; but as soon as I got to the door, I was invited into a warm and cosy house, yes, a house. The experience was better than imagined, everybody was friendly and I did not feel left out at all. I was looking forward to being present in my first stand-up meeting and I was lucky enough to have it with The Crazy Store team. The team was ready to go and after one hour of the job shadowing session, I was in-sync with what has to be done for project, this left my fingers itching to code. From the introduction, to the meeting and the lunch, I could tell that Khanyisa Real Systems has a genuine culture which ensures greatness for all passionate individuals. I could go on for days about my experience, but all I can say is that it was fun, interesting and certainly a memorable experience. Thank you to the KRS team, it was a great honour.”


The time commitment is minimal, while the program can help you feel more assured about your career decisions and success. The KRS Job Shadowing Program is only open to students who meet our Internship criteria. For more information on the criteria, please check out our Internship information on our web site.

To experience our great work culture first hand, contact our HR Manager, Ayesha Bagus, via email