Why we use Xamarin for our mobile app development

Since launching KRS Mobile, we have been pleased with the interest our approach has received from the market. Mobile Apps have great potential to be business disruptors but must be secure and properly integrated with enterprise systems in order to give full value.

One tech stack for all platforms

Xamarin allows us to create apps for any mobile interface as it uses C# complemented with the .Net framework. A great feature of Xamarin is that developers don’t need to switch between the development environments – everything can be built in Visual Studio.

Superior performance

Building a cross-platform app with Xamarin allows a near to native product, and the testing facilities and upgrades are the best we’ve worked with.


Xamarin allows us to build the perfect user interface for any platform quickly – and that has a major impact on the bottom line.

Open source

Need we say more? You want platform growth… then remove the licensing barrier and let the developers play together!