Skills shortage in sub-Saharan Africa

With even the smallest of companies switching onto the power of being mobile and having an ‘app’ to engage and retain customers, it’s no wonder that the technology development world is growing apace.

However, demand for these skills in sub-Saharan Africa currently outstrips supply, in so doing forcing the cost up and resulting in increasingly longer lead times for an app to be developed and delivered.

The cost of skills involved can quickly ramp up hefty bills when it comes to developing even the simplest of applications, so it’s vital to get it right from the start. Always remember, however, that expensive is not always better… nor is the prettiest design a guarantee that what you want is what you get.

To help choose the right app development partner for what you and your company need, KRS has compiled the following guide:

Experience counts

How long has your service provider been operating and how many apps have they developed? Proviso: how many apps that work!

Platforms (9 and three quarters)

Fans of the Harry Potter series know that Platform nine-and-three-quarters is hidden from view of mere mortals. However, this highlights that you need to decide right from the start which operating platforms you want your application to run on. Building across all platforms from the beginning is optimal, not to mention cost-effective in the long-term.

Size matters

Does the developer have the know-how to render your app to tablet as well as a host of different phone types?

Safety first

Rigorous security checks and balances need to be put in place to prevent putting internal systems at risk. For that matter, protecting customers’ information and data is also paramount in a world where identity theft is a common occurrence.

All Access

Part of the forward planning is thinking about how your app will be distributed. Will it be sold or given away for free?

Timing is everything

How long will it take to design, build, test and implement? With an experienced team of developers, the process should take six to eight weeks to deliver a meaningful and solid product.

The bottom line

Our experience shows that functionality is paramount for the user experience and to derive the greatest long-term value.