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14 Jan 2019

Take command and let’s get real and personal!

An ’experience cloud’ consolidates and processes customer data, their digital experience, along with ‘personalisation’, ultimately creating an effective, intelligent vehicle to understand and deliver customer journeys, as well as attaining business value. [...]

10 Dec 2018

Performance reviews in an Agile environment

Performance reviews, just like any other process, need inspection and adaption. They need to meet the company’s needs now. [...]

7 Dec 2018

How do you connect customers and prospects across multiple channels?

Key elements and activities used to derive the most benefit from the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud include knowing your audience, then how to connect directly with them. [...]

Public Speaking

We love sharing our knowledge for the benefit of the development community.

Check out some of the events and conferences we've had the pleasure of attending.


Agile Africa - October 2018

Alain King spoke at Agile Africa 2018 in Johannesburg.

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KanDDDinsky, Berlin - October 2018

Lor Steyn presented at KanDDDinsky in Berlin.

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KRS have always been good partners, often going above and beyond to assist with new features we proposed, ensuring they were able to implement these whilst keeping the rest of the system stable; as well as fighting the fires that crop up every so often.

We have come to appreciate that whilst one would prefer rock solid systems, these simply don't exist in the ever changing online environment; and therefore it's better to have a partner who is highly capable, highly responsive, and highly competitive within their industry.

We truly appreciate the good service from your great team over the years!

Jonathan Cruise
Viva Gym

It is with enthusiasm that I recommend KRS and the professional service and manner in which the team conduct themselves.

I have been working with the KRS team since February 2017. In that time we have worked on major projects and the team had brought special insight, talent, effort and intensity to each project.

Like all new developments and projects, it has not always been smooth sailing – but this is when you find the real strength in a partnership. In my experience, KRS have always conducted themselves in a professional manner and looked to find a workable solution.

Lee Bristow
Phinity Risk Solutions

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