Personalised nutrition and fitness platform

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The Project

The Best10 platform offers personalised nutrition and fitness support, tailoring customised plans to individual dietary preferences and fitness objectives.

KRS’s solution addressed several critical areas:

  • Streamlining operations through automation by providing coaches with an admin app. This tool allows them to quickly and effortlessly customise plans for the continuously expanding customer base.
  • Managing all communication through various third-party integrations to ensure consistent support from health coaches.
  • Providing a user-friendly interface for customers to sign up, explore recipes, monitor their progress, and interact with coaches on a daily basis.

The Technology

  • Hosted in Azure App services with Azure SQL database which allows for fast and on demand scaling.
  • In depth Azure analytics that help monitor and maintain the app health.
  • Two applications, one for the users and another for admins.
  • The backends are c# dot net core APIs, while the frontends are an Aurelia SPA.
  • Integration with multiple third parties, including Discovery (for their VitalityHealthyWeight rebrand of the app), Zoho CRM, and Touchbase. There is also integration with the client’s marketing Wordpress platform.
Screenshot of Best10 app dashboard developed by KRS screenshot of meal plans

What The Client Has To Say

“We launched Best10, with a complex, manual web of online documents to manage the onboarding, meal planning and fitness programs for our clients.
Working with KRS we developed a smart, efficient system that automates this process in a fraction of the time. We now have a leading global product in the health and fitness space with great ongoing support.” – Kate Grove, Founder

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