Mobile Apps for Business – Why?

Developing business to business mobile applications for companies that manage clients rather than end customers is definitely a growing trend in South Africa. So why should businesses build an app for their clients? Internationally, and now in South Africa, more and more time is spent on mobile apps than on websites.

Due to the fact that apps are offered in various app stores (Apple iStore, Google PlayStore), the potential reach is enormous, even in the business to business market, and will lead to new clients. It certainly gives businesses the edge over their competition. The most important reason is that apps assist with brand and client loyalty. The more clients engage with your app, the less likely they are going to move their business away.

Following are a few questions that will assist with the successful client usage of your application:

  • Does it meet your business needs?
  • How are clients going to engage with the app?
  • How is the app going to be supported and updated?
  • How are you going to market the app to your clients and potential clients?
  • Have you chosen an appropriate software development partner?

The last question is vital, as choosing a software partner that understands your business and your clients’ needs and focuses on solving business problems is obviously important. But there are a plethora of programming languages and storage options for mobile and web, and an experienced development partner can guide you through the various options. KRS is a Microsoft Silver partner, with competencies in Software Development and Databases, plus all the Java, Java Script, HTML5/CSS and Cloud experience needed.