Meet the Team: Brendan Huysamen – Sequel & BI Developer

BrendanBrendan has been with KRS for 7 years and thoroughly enjoys the diversity of projects and technologies that he works with. He is an avid archer and is a member of the Protea Archery Club. Brendan definitely likes building, not only software programmes, but also furniture and enjoys creating his own tools.

What do you enjoy most about KRS?
I enjoy the diversity. I’ve worked on projects ranging from Catalogue Retail through to Vessel Management and I’ve worked in multiple technologies, which means I am always learning something new.

What is your greatest achievement at KRS?
My greatest achievement at KRS has been that I have learned so many different technologies. I was originally hired for Business Intelligence and SQL Server work but have transitioned to C# desktop applications and on to C# web applications.

What are your interests and hobbies?
My main hobbies are computer gaming and archery. I shoot with an Olympic recurve bow as well as a compound bow and compound crossbow. I enjoy wakeboarding and bowling although I don’t do them often.

What is your greatest achievement personally?
The plethora of odd skills I have acquired over the years. I’ve done carpentry, metalwork, upholstery, bricklaying and even leatherwork. I’ve built my own furniture as well as forged and machined my own tools. There is real pleasure in designing a physical object and then making it with my own hands, especially in a world where people too often decide that something will be difficult without even trying.