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KRS has focused on Skills Development for all of our history, and for the last 9 years, our major investment has been in our annual Internship. This amazing programme bridges varsity and college learning and the needs of a commercial IT department. Now Alain King, who leads this programme, will be speaking about our successes, challenges, and improved onboarding of new developers at the Scrum Gathering Conference in Cape Town in November.

Come along to Scrum Gathering 2016, and be sure to catch Alain’s very informative session!

Lor recently sat down with Fast Company magazine, to reveal her secrets for handling life, work and email. Read all about it in the October issue of Fast Company magazine or check back in our October newsletter for the transcript. But if we had to ask you how you where your most productive space is – where would that be? We’d like to know so please drop us a line at