Talking Digital

Are your IT and Marketing departments on the same page when it comes to technology?

It’s long been accepted that technology is the backbone of business today. Without computers, access to email, intranet and Internet, digitally secure information and cloud-based data storage systems, we would be nowhere in today’s fast-paced connected business world.

Marketing too is now rooted in digital, whether it be creating ‘engaged’ audiences on social media platforms, placing QR Codes on cereal boxes, or profiling customers by analysing layers of digitally captured data and learning how better to serve them what they want through channels that make it easier for them in every way – think the proliferation of mobile apps.

Both departments are independent of each other in the running of the business, but they shouldn’t be. They are in fact inter-dependent. Those businesses that recognize this are the leaders in their sectors.

Take the growth of data driven decisions in the purchasing cycle as an example. The IT department is gathering information all the time – it does this as a matter of course. But if the lines of communication were open so that IT and Marketing could share the data and interpret it together, marketing could then generate more detailed and informed campaigns aimed directly to specific audiences, for faster buying decisions. The goal is to simply the lives of your customers, whether in their working or personal lives and the best way to do that is for IT and Marketing to work together.

Understanding this, as well as the fact that there is usually a language barrier between these departments, KRS has established itself as a ‘tech translator’. What this effectively means is that we get both the functional side of the technology equation – being coders and ‘techies’ and IT folk – and understand the marketing side of the conversation – having bright business minded individuals in our organization, responsible for business development.

The latest example of this has been in providing SEO (search engine optimization) for Single Page Apps (SPAs). SPAs are the responsive web sites like Gmail, and provide an improved user experience over the older server-generated web sites. But SPAs have unique challenges when it comes to being searchable, and even digital marketers are scrambling to catch up.

KRS invests time and energy in marketing advances on behalf of our clients, to ensure that your new, responsive SPA web site will give your products and services the visibility your business expects.

It’s an exciting space to play in and one that is already delivering dividends.