Top IT trends for 2015

Since we are at the beginning of the year, let’s take a look at some of the trends set to affect the IT world ahead (Borrowed from with thanks).

  1. Computing Everywhere – embedded into mobile phones, business computing is an active participant in new ways of working. From wearables to smartphones and everything in between, the office is fully mobile and computing software systems are being developed beyond the App and are set to make a huge impact.
  2. The Internet of Things (IoT) – technology will become embedded everywhere, from operational to industrial contexts. If you are not Tech modern, you’ll be left behind.
  3. 3D printing – will become cheaper and more accessible, mostly affecting bio-medical, industrial and consumer applications.
  4. Analytics – beyond watching – big questions and big answers from big data – every app and software programme will require some form of analysis capability to keep on track (speak to KRS about building Data Warehouses for your BI).
  5. Responsive software – the building and deployment of context-aware and alert systems.
  6. Smart Machines – those that can think for themselves and assist – set to be the most disruptive period since the dawn of IT.
  7. Merger of client and cloud architecture – intelligent systems with huge storage capabilities will drive down data and broadband costs and become entrenched in business and personal lives. KRS brings all our database experience to the Cloud (with some very pretty SPA front-ends for our clients).
  8. Software defined infrastructure and applications – As the digital business infrastructure grows, computing will need to move away from static models to adapt to the new era of mobile business thanks to software and rich APIs that are easily configurable and again something where KRS has skills and experience (Xamarin, Android etc).
  9. Web-scale IT – think like a global business and enhance business capabilities and efficiencies with web-scale IT systems as cloud optimised and software defined methods become mainstream.
  10. Security – from personal to business processes and system protection, expect to see a rise in security aware application design.

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