Beyond Tomorrow – Our trend forecast

Here’s a brief look at some of the exciting trends that we see in our future – a kind of “speed dating” acquaintance with some of the big trends coming up!

Hybrid careers

By that we mean people who are both technology conversant and specialist in a particular business sector. As more and more companies embark on their digital transformation, these roles will increase in number and importance – assessing everything from user experience to code.

Data, data, everywhere

Big data is old news, but the increase in smart thinking automated software solutions, driven by data, is exciting. One of which, has been developed in-house at KRS and will be introduced to you later in the year – look out for info on KRS DataDiver.

Cognitive Science

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and Chatbots as well as robots – see how Justin Timberlake launched the Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference earlier this year.

Modern Agile

A growing frustration with Agile and how overly decorated the original principles have become, is leading organizations to “return to basics”. At KRS, this means focusing on the code, as well as all the good communications, behaviours and visibility of Agile. Systems become ever more convoluted, and delivery slows down until the team is no longer able to deliver each sprint, and the value of being Agile has been lost. Check out our piece on ‘Pair Programming’ on our new site website.

Reality Plus

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and now Mixed Reality (MR), will enhance consumer involvement and enable a fully-immersed interactive experience, perpetuating the merging of the online and offline worlds and speeding towards the man meets machine era of the 4ICT, and all will become commercially viable.

We know this awesome video from Magic Leap, care of Lucas Films is a year old, but given that the company has just released its highly anticipated glasses, we thought we remind you of the possibilities that exist for us techie types to develop cool products.

Docker Containers

In short, these are nifty little ‘blankets’ that wrap around an application and bolt onto the mother Operating System (OS), and ‘contain’ the application without the need to set-up separate virtual machines and guest OS that can then minimise the test-dev-test-dev cycle. For more on these, check out this article on PluralSight.


Partnering with containers, Domain driven design, that is simple and clean to house complex architecture and where domain and technical conversations can occur to resolve domain related issues

Voice activated everything

From talking toilets (yes really) to televisions (think the LG OLED TV THINQ), fridges, an entire gamut of consumer gadgets, including intelligent real-time voice activated carpooling apps that use situational algorithms to determine who’s closest and the best fit for carpooling, and computer operating systems that have enterprise applications, such as KRS’ TasKRS’ …and the list goes on…it’s only limitation just where your imagination takes you.

DevOps and automation

As automation increases, the need for skills that can script in these languages will too. Make way for a raft of opportunities that will also include build integration tooling, according to Don Jones, Director of Technology Curriculum at PluralSight.


Talking of languages, Javascript will continue to grow in influence in the enterprise software conversation realm.

Communication and lifelong learning

Gone are the days when tech developers sat in cubicles and led isolated lives. Today’s software engineer also requires the necessary communication skills to converse with team members, clients and all manner of stakeholders to get the job done properly. Enabling this will be the need to remain current in technical skills as well as the softer side of the equation and this will mean ongoing education.


Of IOT and Cloud generally. The more data we generate, the more it needs to be protected from the trolls and attacks of the less morally inclined.