In our last newsletter, we mentioned “Software that focused on mobility took top priority for 2013” and this trend will continue of course into 2014. Our recent consumer mobile app, I’m Bored,, has received nearly 2,000 downloads on Google’s Play store since its launch in Dec last year. A Facebook app has recently been launched and Durban and future cities are on the list for coverage soon. Why develop a mobile app for your business?

Are apps a fad that will pass?

Definitely not – websites cannot offer the following two main pros of developing mobile apps:

  • The integration they offer with existing features on smart phones. It can have the ability to interact with the camera, co-ordinates, search and more.
  • They are always on your customers’ phones/tablets which promotes continuous customer engagement – and loyalty, even when they are not connected to the Internet.

Mobile apps are not only for games, travel and entertainment, but are very powerful business tools that can communicate:

  • Important messages – bypassing the full email inbox.
  • Offers of sales incentives to clients and internal sales teams.
  • Personalised training programmes to sports club members/clients.
  • Appointment reminders for clients and sales representatives.

The opportunities are endless, make sure you speak to us before your competitor does.