Looking back on 2013: Did we meet software trend expectations?

1. Flexible and scalable solutions will be available to clients, right up front

This year businesses realised how much more flexibility cloud computing gives to their employees, both in and out of the workplace, helping them to access files remotely using their smart phones, laptops and tablets. Internal and external collaboration became simple with the ability to share documents and other files over the Internet.

Scalability is one of the main reasons for the success behind cloud computing. Now businesses are able to upscale or downscale their IT requirements as and when needed, supporting business growth and change without the usual expenses in changing existing IT systems. Cloud computing has allowed businesses to react faster to the needs of their business. From infrastructure to mobility and on-demand applications this has been the year that the true value of the cloud has been made known.

We offer cloud computing solutions to streamline your business, making your business processes more flexible, productive and cost effective.

2. Software development in more than one programming language will become more common

In 2013 the world got smarter and it was no longer good enough to approach a problem from a single perspective. By offering clients the ability to develop in multiple programming languages problems can be looked at from a variety of perspectives so that more than one solution can be found, and eventually the best one used.

In fact, it has become very difficult to operate without using multiple programming languages these days. Mobile apps, for example, require more than one language and often they rely on a web or cloud-based back-end that is written in a completely different language. The advent and rise of big data has meant that developers need to be able to recognise and work with all forms of specialised languages.

Our team at KRS have years of experience across many programming languages so we can offer our clients multi-language programming and integrated software solutions.

3. Software that focuses on mobility will take top priority

IT strategies focused more and more on developing a flexible, innovative and productive workforce. Mobility became one of the most important criteria in new software development. Businesses are now expecting to be able to provide, manage, secure and update applications while on the move.

The move to mobility is more than just extending existing business processes and software to mobile devices, it is about being able to adapt processes and create new applications that take advantage of new capabilities such as location. For this custom applications have become popular. Businesses are looking for intuitive mobile solutions that allow employees to access and share business content without sacrificing security and control.

We know how important it is to keep your business moving forward and that is why we offer mobile application solutions to meet your particular business needs and day to day demands.

4. The business world will realise more and more the importance of Agile development

Agile programming has changed the world of software development by integrating tests and moving to a faster, leaner model of development. Research had shown that the majority of organisations are now turning to Agile development. Over the last year, Agile has been adopted by companies of all sizes but it has been shown to work particularly well for smaller businesses. Agile has improved productivity in the workplace and with that, lead to increased profits.

Right on trend, we have been delivering software development projects that meet all business expectations through Agile development.

5. Both front and backend development will need to allow for a more integrated user experience

With so many different software applications and systems becoming more popular for use in the business world, a new demand arose for the integration of software systems on one user interface for ease of access and use. Clients are looking for more and more functionality with their software systems but they also want it to be easier to use. With new software and applications becoming available all the time, integration has become not only about the front end but more and more so about developing systems that allow for integration in the back end so that when new systems are added, they are easily integrated with the current system.

Through intelligent system integration we have been able to seamlessly integrate new software solutions with our clients’ already existing solutions.

2013 has been all about developing software solutions that will make your business more efficient, cost effective and flexible. Because of our years of experience in software development and systems integration, we have been well positioned to meet this demand. As we move in to 2014 we are confident that we have the ability and solutions to take your business into a more streamlined and innovative future.