Latest KRS Club Tip – Expiry of old products

When opening a gym, a number of products are created to facilitate the members. Over time, gyms often end up expanding their product range to cater for a large range of membership types and requests from members.

These product lists tend to get quite long and due to business decisions, older products (often opening specials, etc.) are no longer intended for use.

Despite these products being old and not available to members, we still occasionally find that the staff capturing the memberships end up selecting old products by accident due to the number of options available to them during capturing. To avoid this, we suggest that you keep your product list tidy by expiring old products. Once a product has been expired, they will no longer show up in the Contract Capture product list and will avoid any accidental use of outdated product models.

This is done by going to the product in question (via menus: Contracts – Product – Product Capture). Expand the group that the product belongs to and highlight the product you wish to edit. Then click Edit, and check the box marked “Limit Selling Period” and put in a date in the block marked “End Selling Date”. If this date is set for tomorrow, then the next day when your staff get to the Product Selection screen on the Contract Capture, this product will no longer be available for selection. Note that this will not affect any contract which is already assigned to this product and will only stop it from being selected for future sales.

Maintaining the available product list reduces the chances of assigning incorrect products to members and will speed up your capturing process by reducing time spent scrolling through the product selection list.