Itensity smashes R1billion debit order mark

Itensity Management Software has successfully processed over R1billion of debit orders on behalf of its clients. A joint venture between KRS and Itensity Online, operating as KRS Club, it is a dynamic company that has tailored a specialised product for clients in the fitness and health industry.  Itensity makes daily gym/club/studio management easy with features such as online bookings, debit orders, financial management, customer relations, access control and a whole lot more.

“We currently service the needs of close to 5 000 fitness professionals across almost 300 fitness centres in South Africa, making us the largest local software provider for gyms ranging from big gyms to smaller clubs, studios and even private fitness groups. It’s also the only platform catering equally for large gyms as well as smaller operations,” says Jaco van der Merwe, Managing Director of KRS Club.

“A major benefit for our clients is the fact that our development teams are based locally, and this reduces time as well as cost when it comes to producing updates. This also makes the final product far more effective as the developers are hands-on and have a local understanding of the needs of the South African market, and even how this relates to fitness clients in different provinces,” says van der Merwe.

The software is also being used in seven countries across Africa, including in Mozambique.

With more than 500 000 active members on the system, billing around R100 million in debit orders per month, Itensity is making a major impact on the bottom line for clubs and fitness studios.

“Itensity makes a gym more profitable,” summarizes van der Merwe.