Progress Sitefinity DXP, the Next Generation Digital Experience Platform

Progress Sitefinity is a modern ASP.NET Web CMS, delivering intuitive web content management for mid to large-sized enterprises.

About Sitefinity CMS

Progress Sitefinity is a modern ASP.NET Web CMS, delivering intuitive web content management for mid to large-sized enterprises. It supports agile responsiveness to ever-changing customer needs with a robust development environment and a rich end user experience. Sitefinity encompasses a single CMS, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing analytics solution that empowers your organisation to create and support multiple websites and mobile applications through multiple channels under a defined workflow and approval framework.

Globally there are more than 10 000 Sitefinity websites delivering rich, relevant customer experiences for brands such as NASA, TATA, Danone, Fujitsu, Air Asia, Virgin Active, Old Mutual, Pam Golding Properties and Ashburton Investments.

Progress has been recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.

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Content Management

Build beautiful web pages with the highly rated page builder interface

Analytics and Insights

Insights at your fingertips with built in data collection


Create adaptive websites that react to your defined personas


Easily connect your business applications with extensible APIs

Hybrid Headless CMS

Deliver content seamlessly across platforms
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Sitefinity CMS Cloud

Sitefinity CMS is fully cloud-native and the only true WCM Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), offering available on the market today.

Sitefinity DXP Cloud redefines productivity, empowers organisational scale, obviates the need for infrastructure management, and deeply integrates Microsoft Azure services allowing you to focus on your core business.

Find out how this locally hosted, managed service can increase your operational efficiencies and meet today’s business demands.

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The KRS Sitefinity offering

KRS offers a wide variety of on-demand Sitefinity services including project consulting, integration, custom development, design, training, and hosting. We also help with Sitefinity CMS updates, giving you the peace of mind that your site is running smoothly on the latest version.

Our experienced team is geared to manage global customers and our ZAR-based rates are highly competitive, ideally placing us to meet your Sitefinity contracting or offshoring requirements.

Don’t Forget about Web Content Management

When building a website, many companies do not think to ask about the web content management system that will be utilised. They take it for granted that the web design company they work with will provide them with the best product, often not considering the extensibility of the system and whether it can be personalised.

Today’s consumer market is more advanced than ever before. Clients expect marketing that treats them as individuals and not a number. Get this right and they are more likely to support your brand.

Sitefinity delivers a multi-channel experience to give clients the information they need to make informed choices.

Sitefinity DXP simplifies the complexities that this level of technology often presents and has become the perfect go-to CMS for companies that aim to make a significant impact, even with limited resources. The system benefits both developers and marketers, allowing just about anyone to mould the system and use their content to make a worthwhile impact.

With Sitefinity, marketers can reduce their reliance on complex IT by up to 80%. For developers, this CMS system allows them to quickly meet deadlines and produce a quality website any company would be proud of.

Sitefinity’s Four Principal Characteristics

Sitefinity’s success lies in four interconnected characteristics that work together to meet both marketing and online commerce needs. Sitefinity is one of the best CMS products for website personalisation in South Africa.

Contact us today to discover how Sitefinity can power up your website.

Content management is at the core of the system, and it works to seamlessly provide website users with content that is relevant via multiple channels. The content management can fully engage users and it gets the message out quickly, easily and across multiple devices. Some key points include inline editing, content personalisation, SEO tools, a form builder, quality control, authorisation workflow, digital asset management and more.
Giving visitors a unique experience is invaluable, especially in a world characterised by mass marketing. A personalised online experience can drive revenue by predicting how site visitors will use the site and from there shaping their visit. With Sitefinity, valuable user data is never wasted because it harnesses information to create that one-of-a-kind event. The system creates tailored messaging to target specific audiences, build target segments and leverage the data collected from the site, such as user behaviour and demographics.
Consistency is about as important as relevancy when you’re aiming to make an impression. Sitefinity allows you to manage your entire digital presence from a central location. The benefits? Instantly deliver content that’s wanted when it is wanted, improve the ability to interact whilst also improving site visibility, make loyalty a priority (improving the ROI in turn), and finally, the minimise the work deployed.
Sitefinity integrates commerce solutions and various enhancements to help companies improve their revenue. Personalisation is as much a part of the digital commerce system, as it is the CMS. Features include built-in capabilities for catalogues, specific promotions, order management and storefronts, Ucommerce® integration for increasing shopping conversions, and a ROC commerce platform, which is an end-to-end digital platform that makes the buying experience seamless.

What our customers Say

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Recent Work

Ashburton Investments launches new personalised website

Ashburton Investments is pleased to have launched their new website with a strong focus on mobile usability. The site was developed and implemented by KRS using Sitefinity version 14.

The brief was for an atomic design that would make full use of Sitefinity’s personalisation capabilities to deliver content to specific regions and investor types. An intuitive use of related data would connect fund managers with funds and relevant insights and news. Integration to various reporting tools would allow for the delivery of up-to-date financial information on multiple available funds.

The requirements surrounding web security and GDPR compliance were met by Sitefinity’s robust platform. KRS’s team of skilled Sitefinity engineers delivered a pleasing mobile responsive journey.

Sitefinity Features

Web Content Management

Sitefinity’s intuitive user interface and inline editing makes it simple to create, edit, preview and publish content. Don’t rely on an overburdened IT department to make content updates; now any individual can create and update your website’s content.

Embrace a CMS as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Get the maximum value from your web assets at the lowest cost. Sitefinity is developed with mobile in mind and includes a vast tool set to display your content optimally on all screen sizes.

KRS Sitefinity conversion tracking

Digital Marketing

Sitefinity Insight is a unified marketing command centre that enables marketers to drive growth by understanding and improving every customer’s journey.

Access a 360-degree view of the customer and measure how your marketing efforts drive targeted conversions. Sophisticated machine learning offers recommendations to drive targeted audiences toward conversions. Find hidden marketing potential through predictive analytics and take each visitor to their individual “Best Outcome”.

Personalisation tools enable you to engage target audiences with relevant content and unique experiences. Define target segments, personalise content and preview experiences with simple yet powerful tools, without help from your web team.


Manage all your product catalogues and departments from a central system, promoting the right product for a specific customer, more easily than ever before.

Create the best shopping experience with easy-to-set-up storefronts, shopping carts and checkout processes. Improve sales in regional markets with localised storefronts in any language or currency.

The e-Commerce offering boasts powerful features: schedule and run promotions, set pricing tiers and execute successful campaigns across multiple channels, including web, mobile, email and social. Accept online payments from any device and cater for PCI-DSS compliance through integration with approved payment gateways.

Sitefinit Ecommerce platform
Sitefinity Extensibility & Integration

Extensibility & Integration

Sitefinity CMS is an enterprise solution that allows your organisation to build an engaging website presence through feature-rich functionality, usable interface and a secure yet flexible framework.

Sitefinity’s open architecture and fully exposed APIs make it endlessly extensible. Easily integrate with existing infrastructure and data sources through custom controls, modules or third-party applications.

The Sitefinity platform scales to accommodate growing traffic volume and increased organisational complexity, so it can best meet your business requirements today and into the future.

Video Overviews

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