The Customer is Royalty

Customer service matters, especially in the digital realm

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In today’s digital world, where every company is a software company, being able to customise the online brand experience is becoming ever more important.  What are you doing to ensure that your individual customer journey from web to mobile is delivering the ROI you need to deliver on your business goals?

With brands now investing significant sums into their digital properties to satisfy the rapacious appetite customers have for engaging online, the battle for dominance in this space has just begun.  Not all experiences are alike of course, especially, as not all digital engagements are the same – different strokes for different folks.

The beauty about digital and especially enterprise level platforms like Progress Sitefinity CMS, is that they can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer.  It’s just as well, as customers are actually demanding this personalisation.  Gone are the days when retail anthropology explored the right scent, lighting, mirrors, layout etc for their physical stores, now, it’s how fast does the site load, what it looks like, how easy is it to navigate, is there credible information and interesting helpful content, is there someone or, a chatbot online to engage with, how quick are responses and so on.

Of course, all the while, the clever sites, are tracking the interactions and building a profile of the shopper to better understand them – for the next time they visit (and also to serve them the appropriate advertising).

One of the key insights to delivering excellent customer experiences, is to be customer focused.  This applies equally to B2B and B2C organisations. What this means, is having the team (across the organisation) and the tools to home in on customers in real time and implement the learnings in real time.  Enter the rise of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation.  (Conversely, while many of the functions are now automated, it takes teams of skilled people to keep it all going and to ensure that governance and compliance are up to date).

Customers also want to engage with brands they trust – what are you doing with all that data you are collecting on them and is it secure and then, does your delivery live up to the online hype etc.  So, while it’s all fair and well to have all the bells and whistles of a great digital customer journey, if the trust factor is not there, no-one is going to come knocking again.  And, that’s what it is all about – repeat engagement. Convert your customers into fans who will share their experiences with others and hey presto, you will have ongoing business.

One of the cool tools that the Progress Sitefinity CMS is able to realise for marketers is the convergence of the omni-channel campaign into one seamless platform to help achieve a sustainable business.

When it comes to the cloud, see our previous blog on the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, to get practical insights and know more about Progress Sitefinity CMS that supports agile responsiveness to ever-changing customer needs, a robust CMS development environment with a rich end user experience. Sitefinity encompasses a single CMS, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing analytics solution that empowers your organization to create and support multiple websites and mobile applications through multiple channels under a defined workflow and approval framework.

KRS offers a wide variety of on-demand services for Sitefinity including project consulting, integration, custom development, design, training and hosting. KRS also offers clients a range of bespoke software development options.

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