Task Express

Seamless management

Task Express gives you the advantage, experience a system designed to help manage your business’ day to day tasks, issues and projects seamlessly.

With Task Express Issue Tracking Task Management System, you can Track, follow and record the progress of tasks, issues and queries from anywhere in one system.

Improve visibility of all tasks, across your business, and give management a firm grasp on day to day progress, elevate your company’s productivity and customer support to a new level. Allow your staff to be more productive and accountable for tasks assigned to them.

Task Express caters to all kinds of industries, including customer Service, software developers, IT help desks, manufacturers, retail, hospitality, property and other service providers.


  • Track tasks, queries and issues efficiently and seamlessly.
  • You able to see who is accountable for resolving tasks.
  • Management and staff know what to do and when is the due date.
  • Open, set, edit and close tasks.
  • Set you priority levels per task.
  • Auto assign tasks to correct people and departments.
  • Track tasks and issues to completion.
  • Staff and management receive daily email notifications for due and overdue tasks.
  • Reduce admin time and improve visibility on all tasks presented.
  • Manage your customer or support inbox.
  • System automatically assigns tasks to correct staff members.
  • Manage your customer support and internal work flow.
  • Task Express is a cloud-based system and available anywhere.
  • The display grid is very simple and efficient to manage.
  • Management has a real time overview on the flow of work.
  • Customise your reports.
  • Summariess and history reports may be pulled off daily on single members and on group tasks.

Elevate your company’s staff productivity – choose Task Express! It just makes business sense!