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Web SPAs for iOS and Android

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At KRS, we are passionate about streamlining and automating your business processes and offerings via web and mobile applications across iOS and Android platforms.

The latest statistics* reveal that of South Africans that access the Internet:

  • 90% own a smartphone
  • 80.2% do so on their smartphones.

Your clients are using mobile devices and they need to connect with you and your business. These numbers take Mobile out of the “interesting, but peripheral to my business” and make your Mobile strategy very important. Mobile is a big discussion, partly because there is so much that can be done through this channel, but also because of the array of technical decisions that need to be made.

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Case Study is an exciting online service for families that shows What’s On in your city for kids.

We offer an easy-to-use web platform, weekly newsletters, mobile apps, and various social media channels to access our great content.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent, curated content that is helpful for families. Whilst we accept advertising, it is never intrusive and is only for suitable content, aimed at providing enhanced value for our fans.

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