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Used by over 3,000 quantity surveyors

KRS developed the WinQS system for ACE Solutions approximately 15 years ago, and have remained partners ever since, enhancing the package to the market leader it is today. At its simplest, the software captures measurements, and produces the Estimation documents, Bill of Quantities and Final Accounts used by the quantity surveyors. But the manner in which WinQS is fine-tuned to save time and increase productivity is impressive, and the industry has shown a remarkable short learning curve is required to use the software.

Our Service

KRS designs and develops the technical solutions required by our client to keep the product at the forefront of the market. The WinQS development team handles all aspects of the software development life cycle, with particular focus on system QA and testing.

“We are very proud of our long association with Ace Solutions, and the consistency of great service we have provided”.

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