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A comprehensive, bespoke system

When African Marine Solutions (AMSOL) contacted KRS, the brief was clear: they required the ability to manage and administer various aspects of the AMSOL’s Ship Management business through one central system. At the same time, KRS needed to make sure that the business and systems’ processes were as smooth as possible and have the ability to send business data using “ship-to-shore” communication from their head office to their various vessels. Working closely with the product managers at AMSOL, KRS applied their agile development process to this project and managed the full system development with five software developers and a Scrum Master, while all the time involving the team at AMSOL of the project progress.

The result speaks for itself, and along with making sure they understood the deep sea marine industry, KRS developed a comprehensive, bespoke system called SMART (Ship Management and Reporting Tool) which covers the following business areas:

  • Crew planning, certification, leave and payroll management
  • Vessel management, certification and performance
  • Policy management and distribution
  • SHE-Q administration and reporting (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality)
  • Information message queues to handle the remote vessel communication needs
  • Procurement (BEEE & Budget Monitoring)

“Working with the team at AMSOL on this project has been very rewarding and
we look forward to working with them again in the very near future”. 

- Brent Blake, Projects Director at KRS