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Web and Mobile Development

KRS tackles software projects using Lean Startup and Agile principles. We help to guide our clients through developing a Minimum Viable Product that gives business value as early as possible. We have a wide range of skills in cross-platform mobile development, and can show prospective clients an impressive Single Page Web Application (SPA) portfolio. Have a look at some of our published Case Studies and client references to see how we could help you.


Legacy Projects

A great deal of business value lies trapped in legacy code bases. KRS can assist clients to extend the life of your legacy systems by analyzing areas for refactoring, and applying Domain Driven Design principles to tame any Big Ball of Mud.

Our team can analyse your code base with state of the art tools, and help you to create a strategy to extend the useful lifetime of your valuable legacy code.

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Agile Adoption

We have assisted many corporates with their Agile Adoption, running training sessions and coaching teams as needed. We bring a great deal of experience to these engagements, as KRS was an early Agile adopter, and we regularly share our learnings at conferences and community events.

Interested? Check out our recent conference talks.

Domain Driven Design (DDD)

We also run workshops on Domain Driven Design (DDD). We believe that Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban are great approaches for improving team communication and task visibility, but must be supported by rigorous engineering practices. DDD helps a team to align with business needs, all the way from requirements through to the code. Join the local DDD Meetup if you're in Cape Town.

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VR tech

Virtual Reality Development in Unity

Virtual Reality software isn't just for gamers. We've participated in exciting health and safety projects (wouldn't you wear a hard hat if a VR brick was hurtled at you?), and can help clients use VR for many domains, especially around training. We work with excellent graphic designers to provide a first class VR experience for your business.

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Our technologies

We work in a range of technologies where we can guarantee our quality through highly competent teams.

  • Microsoft .Net Core
  • Full stack C#
  • Lightweight web applications using JavaScript frameworks
  • Xamarin for cross platform mobile development
  • Cognitive services: voice & image recognition
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, PostGreSQL, MongoDB etc.
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform services
  • Virtual Reality in Unity
  • Content management with the Progress® Sitefinity™ platform
Our Partners
what we do
People, technology, and process

General Principles

KRS has an exceptional record for consistently delivering software that makes real business sense. Our software engineering is about passionate, skilled, forward thinking and involved people with repeatable, proven processes to deliver software that works for your business.

Our key skills are:

Facilitating strategic sessions to ensure the right solution is designed for the right problem

Selecting appropriate technology for performance, security, and speed of delivery

Selecting only top staff, from our graduate interns to our highly qualified engineers

Developing clean code that works

Providing excellent customer service

Case Studies

A selection of projects we've worked on

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