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Manage HR policies with ease

SamePage is an HR Policy Management System that:

  • Automates and manages all your HR corporate and organisational policies and employee acceptance or rejection.
  • The solution is deployed within the organisation and integrates into existing corporate IT systems for security and authentication
  • No need to deploy Client applications on individual PCs.
  • Is a cost effective user based pricing model.

Once SamePage is configured on your company environment, you, your Compliance Officer or HR Director can pull reports from SamePage to see a full audit trail on how compliant your company is, in terms of organisational polices at any given time.




  • Numerous HR Policies templates that can be easily customised.
  • Local development and technical support – option to make this visible text as opposed to spoken.
  • Interface can be skinned to matched your company corporate identity.

If you are tired of asking employees to sign new or updated HR policies, don’t know where they are filed and concerned that your auditors will penalise your company, contact us for more information.