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Public Speaking

We love sharing our knowledge for the benefit of the development community.
Check out some of the events and conferences we've had the pleasure of attending.



Agile Africa

At the beginning of October 2018, Alain King had the privilege to speak at the Agile Africa 2018 conference held in Johannesburg and organised by the team from JCSE (Joburg Centre for Software Engineering) under the leadership of Prof Barry Dwolatzky. The conference was held over two days and featured a diverse collection of global speakers.

View the talk or check or more on our blog.


KanDDDinsky, Berlin

Lor Steyn presented at KanDDDinsky in Berlin in October. This vibrant Domain Driven Design (DDD) conference provided some great sessions on Event Storming, live-coding Refactoring workshops, and Lor’s own Systems Thinking session.

Check out Lor's slides or the video of the talk, or enjoy these fun artistic interpretations of her talk.

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Agile Testing Days

Agile Testing Days

Back in Germany in November, Lor also presented at Agile Testing Days on the importance of Pair Programming to bake quality into the code from the beginning. It was inspiring to attend these two important conferences, and bring back ideas to learn and grow at KRS.

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Have you experienced team discussions or meetings going round and round in circles - with no real outcome - only to be repeated again and again? Sharna Sammy, Scrum Master at KRS, likes to call this The Circle of Death and has four helpful tips to avoid this situation.

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Startup Grind

Startup Grind

Women in Tech with Lorraine Steyn (KRS Systems): Lorraine founded KRS in 1987 at the age of 24. It was in the early days of desktop computing, and the company focused on using PCs to solve business problems, moving on to web, mobile development and big data solutions over the years.

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