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A lot has been happening at KRS! From embracing new technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Xamarin to hosting our annual internship bootcamp, it's been a busy and exciting time for us.
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This is indeed a year of change for KRS. We have embraced a number of new technologies in the last year, such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Xamarin and more. Our thinking is that we need to be a one-year-old company with 31 years of experience!

In line with our need for fresh new thinking, we are beyond excited to announce 3 new Directors for the KRS board. Please help me to welcome Haseley Mohamed, Ayesha Bagus-Casker and Alain King to the board of KRS. All three have been with KRS for a number of years and have added significant value in their respective portfolios – people, leadership, processes and technical ability.

We’ve also updated our website, using the Progress Sitefinity CMS. As a Sitefinity partner, KRS is also taking advantage of the enhanced security, wide range of marketing support options, and enterprise level content management that we help to develop for our Sitefinity clients.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”
Bill Gates

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The KRS Academy - 2018
There are internships and then there is the KRS Internship Bootcamp. One of the most highly sought after learning programmes in South Africa, KRS attracts a strong field of candidates who are looking for a long-term future in software development.

As always, participants are from across the country, but this year we also hosted students from Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Mpumalanga, as well as Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

KRS interns

Under Alain King’s watchful eye, our projects are run according to Agile principles with students learning about Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test-driven development (TDD), Databases, Domain driven design (DDD), Single-page Web Apps (SPA’s), C#, SQL, JavaScript and much more. The Programme is full-time and interns work a full day, five days a week for seven weeks.

The 2018 intake was particularly exceptional, with all passing students being placed in businesses post their graduation. We gain an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm, as well as insights, from all of these young minds. While everyone agreed it is an intense period, it is was also a fun and enjoyable experience, with significant practical learning, best summed up by one of the students remarking: “Happiness comes from achieving challenging goals. I realised this in the KRS internship”.
TasKRS – Taking the Time to Bill
In line with one of this year’s big technology trend – voice activation – KRS has developed a mobile voice recognition solution for time tracking that allows the user to quickly dictate minutes/hours etc onto a mobile device – anywhere and at any time. The ‘app’, available on Android, is currently in a beta-testing phase and is free. It is ideal for attorneys, salesmen on the go, advertising, marketing and PR agencies and any person that has a need to record billable hours. Download it to try it out.
Download the app
Beyond Tomorrow
Hybrid careers? Docker Containers? Cognitive Science? There's a lot happening in the world of tech. Here’s a brief look at some of the exciting trends that we see in our future – a kind of “speed dating” acquaintance with some of the big trends coming up!
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