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Spring Clean

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As always at this time of year, there are a number of articles that talk to dusting off the lethargy of winter to get ready for the warmer months ahead. From the home, to the budget, to the body, media is filled with tips and temptations on how to prepare for the energetic seasons that will follow.

Code bases also benefit from a Spring Clean (actually all year round), and we have been focusing on Clean Code and Refactoring skills in all our teams. This aligns with our Pair Programming investment, to provide quality solutions for our clients.

Look out for Alain King’s talk at Agile Africa on how to deal with Legacy Systems, and follow me on for regular monthly tech articles.

Spring is indeed in the air (even though there is still snow on the mountains around Cape Town), so make it count – wherever you are.


“Out of clutter, find simplicity” (Albert Einstein)
KRS Talk…
Agile Africa

Alain King will be speaking at Agile Africa, taking place in Johannesburg on 1 and 2 October. Alain will tackle the issue of 'How to handle legacy'.

More developers work on Legacy Systems than green fields development. Legacy code contains a wealth of lessons learnt. This talk will look at upgrading legacy while keeping the lessons, and provides a series of learnings that make this possible. Embrace what’s possible and love legacy systems again.

It is aimed at both a business and a technical audience as there needs to be engagement from both sides to make the transformation of legacy systems possible. Alain will be including a number of tips and tricks that he and the team at KRS have learnt by tackling this problem and producing better systems for clients.
A Different Look at Agile Certification
A fierce debate has raged for many years in the Agile community around the value of certifications such as Certified Scrum Master.

The argument for certifications centres around skills standardisation and quality of training, and the argument against holds that soft skills can’t be developed in a few days of training. That the certification represents nothing more than attendance at training, and does not reflect skill level.

An analogy would be hiring a CEO based on them having a certificate in ‘Leadership’. Sounds ludicrous, right? Yet we hire Scrum Masters like that. Should we? To find out what we think, read the full article.
Roomseeker expands

RoomSeekerConnect allows a seamless real time booking process to Online Travel Agencies of your choice. With a single click you are able to push rates and available accommodation to websites best suited for your business and customers, increasing your exposure and reach while ensuring an easy way for customers to search and book online at any time.

The process is simple, all accommodation already setup in our centralized reservation management system RoomSeeker is linked via RoomCeekerConnect to Nightsbridge where it is distributed across the channels of your choice.

All reservations will feed directly back into RoomSeeker and can be managed via the front desk functionality.
How KRS keeps it real
  • We serve free lunch daily for our staff. It helps to create an enjoyable family environment.
  • We focus a lot on training, so people grow and get to work with different clients in order to have a whole change of scenery without having to leave us to find the new challenges they need to grow.
  • We push very hard to keep our skills fresh. If you don’t do that, you are dead.
Entrepreneur Corner:
Success is knowing when to fail
As an entrepreneur, the temptation is to follow the old adage that you have to speculate to accumulate. What we’ve learned through digital disruption is that you should fail fast and fail small, meaning that you try out your idea and learn your lessons as quickly - and cheaply - as possible.

“I’m at that stage in my career where I want to be doing quality work, important work that has an impact. I’m old enough to have lots of experience and lots of wisdom to bring to bear, so I like to be selective with our clients, doing projects that are a little more interesting and that are making a difference.”
– Lorraine.
Why we use Xamarin for our mobile app development
Since launching KRS Mobile, we have been pleased with the interest our approach has received from the market. Mobile Apps have great potential to be business disruptors but must be secure and properly integrated with enterprise systems in order to give full value.
Skills shortage in sub-Saharan Africa
With even the smallest of companies switching onto the power of being mobile and having an 'app' to engage and retain customers, it's no wonder that the technology development world is growing apace.

However, demand for these skills in sub-Saharan Africa currently outstrips supply, in so doing forcing the cost up and resulting in increasingly longer lead times for an app to be developed and delivered.

The cost of skills involved can quickly ramp up hefty bills when it comes to developing even the simplest of applications, so it's vital to get it right from the start. Always remember, however, that expensive is not always better… nor is the prettiest design a guarantee that what you want is what you get.

To help choose the right app development partner for what you and your company need, KRS has compiled a helpful guide.
KRS's three rules of thumb for developing mobile apps

1) Build it and they will click? Do some homework before the code work and people hours start piling up. Is there really a demand for your app, or are you speculating that your ‘master build’ is so great that it will create its own demand?

2) Find the platform Some essential basics to identify: is your app aimed at smartphone or feature phone users? Or both? When and where do they access the app? Do they use contract data or prepaid data?

3) Keep it simple… and simple Your app needs to delivers useful content or a valuable service that is really quick and easy to access and read. Is your planned app able to provide value to your end user? That is the key to them being drawn to your website.
#Inspiring 50
A Netherlands-based global non-profit-organization, Inspiring 50, set out to look for the top 50 most inspiring women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in South Africa. Our very own Lorraine Steyn was chosen as a leading light out of a total of 276 entries – was there ever any doubt? To meet the criteria, each nominee had to be a founder of a technology company; or hold a position in a C-Level position in a technology company; or be an influencer, academic or politician in the technology or innovation space.

Lorraine and her co-winners will now form part of a global network of women in STEM with a view to inspiring more young women and young men, to enter the field.
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