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This edition of the KRS newsletter is dedicated to Product. However, before we delve into the various software systems we have developed and provide, it is worth noting that the common denominator for each is, people.

For us as developers, we are enthused by the lines of code we script to produce a specific solution, and what we produce, has the ability to make those people’s lives work easier. That’s not bad, and it’s possibly the key reason why KRS is still developing key products some 30 plus years later. More than that though, the various products we have created are all about optimally managing large numbers of people.

Please stay safe this December, and enjoy your break if you are taking one. Thanks for your support this year,


“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”
- Elon Musk
Dedication – Mike Applewhite of WinQS
It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the life and hard work of Mike Applewhite, who suddenly passed away in September of this year. Mike and Cathy Roach established WinQS in 1996. We have worked with Mike for almost 20 years, and will miss his humour, dedication and attention to detail that has made WinQS an industry leader.
Itensity Online

Itensity Online is KRS Club’s flagship Member Management product. Itensity currently services the needs of more than 350 fitness centres in Southern Africa. This makes it the largest local software provider for gyms ranging from big enterprises to smaller clubs, studios and even private fitness groups. It’s also the only platform catering equally for large clubs as well as smaller operations.

The Itensity Club Management Software offers the ability to submit debit orders directly via a selection of suppliers. It also performs a thorough audit seven days before, to check for anomalies and discrepancies. In addition to the finance aspects, Itensity allows gym users to book their own classes, track their training and communicate on the go.
Turning bookings into holidays
KRS’s specialised eco tourism and booking system – Roomseeker™ – is an industry leader, enterprise level hospitality solution aimed at itinerary, activities and reservation management. Developed by KRS, RoomSeeker™ is easily integrated into other hospitality booking systems. It is ideally suited to optimising large resorts, camp sites, and game reserves and large-scale properties that have multiple entry points, as gate control is an integral part of the product.
360 Degrees of People

Real360 is a Cloud-based 360 review system for tracking key performance indicators and managing staff appraisals. It is the core of how KRS manage our own staff, collecting feedback from teams and clients.

It provides self and peer review options, real-time feedback, goal setting, monitoring and evaluation, tracking, recording disciplinary and performance management parameters, as well as role-based expectations. To find about how performance reviews can fit into the Agile environment, check out our blog post on Agile Appraisals.

Real360 is available as a free service for small groups, and as a subscription service for larger organizations. Talk to us for a demo, and see how this simple yet comprehensive tool can help you manage your people better.
Ticking the Boxes
Task Express

Taking work to task, Task Express is a cloud-based system that enables timely reminders of daily to-do-lists. Don’t you find that time is speeding up? We do so much on a daily basis, that sometimes, our brains can’t keep up with all the information we need to remember and manage.

Task Express, our ticketing and To-Do list tool, has an easy to navigate dashboard, automatically monitors customer or support inboxes and assigns queries to the right department. It generates all the history and reports any company needs – and aside from keeping the business operating smoothly, can also be used as an effective staff performance tool for support staff.
Time is money
We’ve already mentioned how time fills – with all manner of things and very quickly – so KRS has created a mobile voice recognition app that helps keep track of billable hours. Think salesmen, lawyers and the plethora of consultancies, who all need to know how many hours they can charge. Think TasKRS.
Agile Africa – Report Back
Agile Africa – Report Back
At the beginning of October 2018, Alain King had the privilege to speak at the Agile Africa 2018 conference held in Johannesburg and organised by the team from JCSE (Joburg Centre for Software Engineering) under the leadership of Prof Barry Dwolatzky. The conference was held over two days and featured a diverse collection of global speakers.

Legacy code is a growing problem – something KRS tackles through refactoring and domain driven design. Alain’s presentation on ‘How to Handle Legacy’ was well received, with positive feedback and some lengthy discussions about this problem in the industry.
Kandddinsky and Agile Testing Days Conferences – Report Back
Kandddinsky and Agile Testing Days


Lor Steyn presented at KanDDDinsky in Berlin in October. This vibrant Domain Driven Design (DDD) conference provided some great sessions on Event Storming, live-coding Refactoring workshops, and Lor’s own Systems Thinking session.

Check out Lor's slides and some fun artistic interpretations of her talk on our blog.

Agile Testing Days

Back in Germany in November, Lor also presented at Agile Testing Days on the importance of Pair Programming to bake quality into the code from the beginning. It was inspiring to attend these two important conferences, and bring back ideas to learn and grow at KRS.
Tech Tales
It’s been a busy period at the KRS writing desk these past couple of months, with a new and regular column on the Media Online, discussing everything software related. As software development, data and technology continue to play an increasingly dominant role in sales and marketing (as well as everything else), we will be generating articles aimed at informing, but also at identifying trends and opportunities. Check out these two recent musings…particularly the question around whether Agile still works and of course, a look back at a lifetime of coding.
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