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Being a small business is hard work. The sales pipeline is sometimes a gusher, and sometimes a drought. How to get this right? For many of us, we’re stuck in battle mode between scrapping for business and delivering the goods. It’s easy to get trapped in this trench warfare because, for most businesses, the economy is tough, and survival remains priority number one.

As a service business, KRS focuses mainly on Public Relations, and we have some successes to share. We’re very happy to have been accepted as speakers for a number of conferences in the upcoming months (details below), and also regularly contribute our experience to The Media Online.

Plus we’ve been awarded a Progress Sitefinity award for a website we developed for Virgin Red. This is a credit to our Sitefinity team, who also all passed their Sitefinity Certification exams in the last few months. Well done team!

Hope you enjoy our various news tidbits, and feel free to get in touch!
Upcoming Conferences and Events where you can catch KRS
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Scrum User Group Cape Town
30 August, TravelStart Offices in Cape Town
“Testability Starts with Code”

Scrum Masters Meetup
15 September, Westerford Business Park, Newlands
“Systems Thinking”
KanDDDinsky – DDD conference
18-19 October, Berlin, Germany
“Systems Thinking”

Agile Testing Days
11-16 November, Potsdam, Germany
“Testability starts with Code”
Virgin Active Red website ranked among top Sitefinity projects

KRS is proud to announce that the new Virgin Active Red website implemented by our Sitefinity team was recognized in the top 5 websites of the quarter by Progress. The Sitefinity Website of the Quarter awards recognize outstanding websites for their excellence in user experience and their innovation in applying Sitefinity features and capabilities.
The Circle of Death
Have you experienced team discussions or meetings going round and round in circles - with no real outcome - only to be repeated again and again? Sharna Sammy, Scrum Master at KRS, likes to call this The Circle of Death and has four helpful tips to avoid this situation.
Itensity smashes R1billion debit order mark
Itensity Management Software has successfully processed over R1billion of debit orders on behalf of its clients. A joint venture between KRS and Itensity Online, operating as KRS Club, it is a dynamic company that has tailored a specialised product for clients in the fitness and health industry.
The Neo Files

Tech has taken over every part of our lives, and in particular the world of media and marketing… which is why The Media Online (the media industry’s definitive online point of reference) invited Lorraine, as a respected industry pioneer, to share her tech insights with the industry.

A couple of articles have been published, first a light-hearted look at changing code styles “The Truth is in the Code”, as well as an Agile plea “Go Small”.
Well said / Hear-hear
Lor was interviewed recently on African Business Radio. She talks about starting and sustaining herself in the tech industry for the past 31 years as well as the applications you can use to develop an app for your business. Her big start came when she was passed over for a promotion and, with a growing list of sideline coding work, a very cross Lorraine told her boss “I’m too busy to work for you!” and left to setup her own operation. The rest as they say, is history.

Hear Lor’s advice on improving sales for your business as well as sharing insight into the many tech hubs around Africa that women can join as their way of getting into the tech ecosystem.
Finger on the pulse
Developers want pay for play not parental benefits, according to the UK and Ireland Developer Hiring Landscape report produced by Stack Overflow, an online developer community.

Top of the pops is salary and bonuses (78% priority), while childcare benefits (27%) and parental leave (16%) carry little weight for the majority of developers.

Most-used: Javascript, HTML and CSS
Least-used: Visual Basic 6, Groovy and Perl
Dreaded: Visual Basic 6 and Cobol (90% of respondents ‘dread working with’ them).
Maria Ramos’ ABSA to offer early adopter Samsung Pay testing, according to BusinessTech: “Absa, in association with Samsung South Africa, will soon be offering its customers early access to Samsung Pay before the service is commercially launched in South Africa. The app lets you make payments via Magnetic Secure Transmission, which mimics the magnetic stripe on the back of your card. It can also use NFC technology in contactless cards for ‘tap-and-go’ payments. Standard Bank will also be a local launch partner.”
Facebook is doubling down on programming for its Web video services and for its global network of computer data centres, writes Tech Central: “They are also increasing spending drastically for a range of priorities, including hiring more people and devoting more technical resources to prevent its digital hangouts from being overrun by misinformation, politically motivated propaganda and incitements to violence.”
Drive and code the Batmobile with Lego's new Powered Up line. The Batman App-Controlled Batmobile is the flagship of the new brand and kids will soon be able to code their own movement patterns and stunts for the unit. The Batmobile set retails for $160 (£120) and is ready for shipping internationally on 1 August, or through the new Lego store in Sandton City that opened this past weekend – which is the first Lego-certified store in Africa.
Troll toll: Politicised trolling is worse than fake news, writes Tech Central: “Thousands of social network accounts, both operated by humans and by bots used to amplify the attack, gang up on a person who dares to criticise a regime or a political figure.”