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10 Trendy Free Fonts

6 May 2020 by Anastasia Pentz

Free Fonts and Type Faces beautifully created by talented designers from around the world. For all those of you who have been in need of new fresh looking fonts. Here are a variety of 10 amazing free fonts that have been specially sought out for you to go wild with! All you have to do is simply click the link, however, please take care and respect licenses that have any reference to private or commercial use, as you may find that sometimes you wont be able to freely download them anymore. 

1. Mosk

This awesome typeface was designed by Iulian Maftei. The Mosk font family comes in uppercase, lowercase, character and numerals, and is made up of 9 weights, differing from extra thin to strong weight.  Brilliant choice for web, print, text, headings, logos and designs.

Mosk Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

2. Saint George Stencil Font

This is a fancy handsome looking font, designed by Vedran Vaskovic, that is both clean and playful. Even though this typeface is only available in lower case letters, it is a superb choice for a striking headline, advertisements, magazines covers as well as posters. 

Saint George Stencil Font

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

3. Source Code Pro

This spectacular slim design, is part of the Monospace family, and designed by Paul D.Hunt. Best part is about this is that the font it comes in 7 weights and 14 styles, as well as special characters, numbers, alternate glyph forms and ordinals! These are all especially designed for user interface use. 

Source Code Pro Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

4. Space Mono

Space Mono is also a monospaced typeface like that of Source Code Pro and is characterized by it’s condensed appearance and it’s design is based on a geometric foundation, which results in a great readability of the font. There are 4 styles and 2 weights, as well as numbers, ordinals and figures. This typeface was designed by Colophon Foundry, and it’s purpose should be used for general work such as display settings and for the body of paragraphs.  

Space Mono Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

5. Libre Franklin

This eye-catching typeface is a more developed version of the original typeface Franklin Gothic, and is designed by Impallari Type.  It’s a full functioning san-serif font, fitted for both headlines and long-form text. This impressive font has 18 styles, and 9 condensed weights, as well as figures, special characters and ordinals.


Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

6. Cunia

This incredible organic and bold typeface was created by a genius by the name of Alejo Bergmann. This font is perfect for headings, branding and promotional work, being only available in one weight and style in letters, numbers and characters it also comes in Cyrillic characters. 

Cunia Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

7. Source Serif Pro

This smart looking typeface was created by Frank Brießhammer, it was created as a companion to the Source Sans Pro typeface. There are 12 different styles and 6 distinct weights, as well as an elegant yet notable italic that is suitable for any type of work from the lightest to heaviest weight. 

Source Serif Pro Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

8. Fira Code

This typeface is great for both reading and writing code! It has great number of ligatures which caters to numerous types of programming language, making it easier on the eyes and making code more crisp and condensed. Fira Code was designed by Nikita Prokopov, with 4 styles and weights, including figures, numbers, alternate glyph forms, ordinals and special characters.

Fira Code Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

9. IBM Plex Mono

This beautiful corporate typeface is for IBM, called IBM Plex and designed by Mike Abbink and Bold Monday. It is part of the Plex font family which includes Serif, Sans Condensed, Sans and Mono. There are 16 styles and 8 weights, which includes figures, ordinals, alternate glyph forms and special characters. This typeface is perfect for user interfaces, as it’s simple, readable and fully functional. 

IBM Plex Mono Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:

10. BioRhyme Expanded

This typeface is incredible, not only is it unique, it’s also fun, readable and bold. It was designed by Aoife Mooney, and is inspired by the older slab serif version, however, with a more playful and friendly personality. There are 5 style and weights, as well as figures, ordinals, alternate glyph forms, swashes and special characters (like emojies 😊).  This design is best used as a large size for both headlines, body copy and branding. 

Bio Rhyme Expanded Font Typeface

Image courtesy of Beautiful Web Type:


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