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Collaboration for Distributed Teams

28 Feb 2012 by Brent Blake
KRS uses Scrum as our Agile software development process of choice, with a focus on delivering working software every 2 weeks (this is called a Sprint). [...]

Jerm on binary Jerm on binary

26 Feb 2012 by KRS
The latest cartoon from Jerm. [...]

jerm-dogs Jerm on dogs

13 Feb 2012 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

Jerm on junk mail Jerm on junk mail

13 Dec 2011 by KRS
The latest cartoon from Jerm. [...]

Global Day of Coderetreat

19 Nov 2011 by KRS
Global Day of Coderetreat is a day to celebrate passion and software craftsmanship with 141 cities participating around the world. [...]

Trust – Do we really Understand It?

4 Nov 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
Trust is fundamental to all working relationships, yet it is the value that is hardest to foster in a business environment. [...]

The Prince is not Agile!

4 Nov 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
Agile development is a way of life for us at KRS. We fully subscribe to its aim of delivering value, in the simplest way possible, under short time constraints. [...]

Jerm on marriage Jerm on marriage

13 Sep 2011 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

Testing – Critical Success Factor in Agile

11 Aug 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
Agile development is awesome – the immediacy of developing code that gets deployed, where users and developers get continuous feedback around what’s working and what isn’t, is a high that can become addictive! [...]

KRS Growing with Entrepreneurs

31 Jul 2011 by KRS
As a real-world illustration of how an entrepreneurial mindset and pioneer software developers combine to form a sustainable business, we couldn’t imagine a better example than Gareth Hosking and CB4’s journey with KRS and ours with him. [...]

Writing Good User Stories

15 Jun 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
Consider that your specifications (called User Stories in Agile) are the foundation that your system will be built on. If the User story is incomplete, your foundation will be incomplete. [...]

The Great Firewall of China

14 Jun 2011 by KRS
Probably the best known example of Internet censorship occurs in China, where the Chinese government aggressively blocks any terms deemed ‘sensitive’. [...]

Jerm on dating Jerm on dating

13 Jun 2011 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

Project Rescue

11 May 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
The software development world is sadly littered with failed projects. In 2009, the Standish Group published a study covering 40,000 software projects over a 10 year period. They discovered that 44% were “challenged” – over time, over budget or lacking critical features. [...]


11 May 2011 by KRS
KRS has always had a culture of mentoring, with senior developers mentoring juniors (newbies in our office parlance). In recent years, the culture seemed to be dissipating, and we had to look explicitly at our practises to get the mentoring back on track. [...]

Egypt in Tweets

17 Feb 2011 by KRS
Twitter was abuzz within hours of the protests starting in Tahrir square. It started very peacefully, with calls for sit-ins and demonstrations. [...]

Agile – is it for you?

17 Feb 2011 by Lorraine Steyn
Is Agile right for your company? The Agile Manifesto holds that people and collaboration should be valued over processes and plans (purists please excuse the paraphrasing). [...]


9 Dec 2010 by Aslam Khan
When you see those words output on a terminal screen, in a window or even at the other end of a message queue, then you realise that you’ve taken the first successful step in conquering the unknown. [...]

WikiLeaks – an IT perspective

9 Dec 2010 by KRS
There are a number of IT lessons to be learned: how vulnerable even large corporations are, as well as the speed with which online groups can react against business. [...]

Excel: Named Constants

9 Dec 2010 by Jasper Cook
Using Name Manager or Name, Define on Insert menu (Excel 21003), add its name e.g. vat, and in the Refers To window, type “=0.14”. Now it can be used in a formula, e.g. “=B12*vat”. [...]