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Software skills planning for 2015

28 Aug 2014 by KRS
While you are planning your company’s goals for 2015, what software development are you going to need to help achieve these goals? More often than not, internal development teams cannot meet all roadmap goals, not through lack of knowledge, but lack of resources. [...]

Excel: Last Value in a Range

31 Jul 2014 by Jasper Cook
From time to time, we need a formula returning only the last value in a row range, when ranges grow rightwards, and daily, as in values for Monday thru Friday in a range. [...]

Meet the Team – Ayesha Bagus

30 Jul 2014 by KRS
Ayesha has been with KRS for three years and as a woman in a male dominated industry, she believes that KRS empowers and entrusts her to perform her duties with complete autonomy and support. [...]

Palm Vein Technology

25 Jul 2014 by Steve Randles
How does one control access to offices, clubs, gyms, when a high degree of traffic walks through your doors – especially at specific peak times? [...]

Customer Service

24 Jun 2014 by Nigel Smith
The KRS Club Management System is used by over 60 different gyms around South Africa, and in recent years, outside of South Africa too. [...]

CV TIPS from an HR Professional

5 Jun 2014 by Ayesha Bagus
Gone are the days when CVs require a complete listing of every goal achieved during your lifetime or a two page covering letter trying to convince someone how awesome you are. [...]

Latest KRS Club Tip – Expiry of old products

22 May 2014 by Barbara McKay
When opening a gym, a number of products are created to facilitate the members. Over time, gyms often end up expanding their product range to cater for a large range of membership types and requests from members. [...]

Why Work at KRS?

15 May 2014 by Susan Keith
Developer Susan Keith takes a look at the aspects that she enjoys about the KRS way of life. [...]

KRS tips for effective SMS marketing campaigns

13 May 2014 by Steve Randles
At KRS we offer one of the best bulk SMS integration options in Africa and have been helping numerous companies for years reach their target audiences and achieve their communication goals. [...]

A career in code

29 Apr 2014 by Ayesha Bagus
We chat to Ayesha from KRS to find out more about the advantages, misconceptions and other considerations about working in this field. [...]

Internship: The Training Manager’s View

14 Apr 2014 by Alain King
Training has always been high on the agenda at KRS and a few years ago, we identified a need that university or college graduates where joining the company with lots of theoretical knowledge but very little practical experience. [...]

KRS Club Travels

10 Apr 2014 by Richard Woodborne
KRS oversees the installation of our software at our clients’ gyms. These gyms are spread wide and far across the southern continent of Africa from Namibia to Botswana and back, in some very interesting little towns. [...]

A McMuffin and some collaboration please: Lessons learnt in international communication

10 Apr 2014 by Liaan Booysen
In the last couple of years the world has become smaller, with cheap stable internet widely available there are no real excuses left not to explore international collaboration. [...]


4 Apr 2014 by KRS
Why develop a mobile app for your business? Mobile apps are not only for games, travel and entertainment, but are very powerful business tools. [...]

KRS goes to Agile India

24 Mar 2014 by KRS
It is that time of year again where developers like us, who care about getting software development as right as they can, get together to talk about what is happening in the world of Agile and Lean software development. [...]

Looking back on 2013: Did we meet software trend expectations?

29 Jan 2014 by KRS
2013 has been all about developing software solutions that will make your business more efficient, cost effective and flexible. What did we achieve in the past year? [...]

Testing Agile Testing Agile

4 Mar 2013 by Melissa Carelse
Melissa Carelse recently attended an Agile Testing course presented by internationally renowned Agile coach and process consultant Janet Gregory. [...]

Certified Success

13 Feb 2013 by Illana Graff
As the needs of business change in a world fast becoming an information system, the key to “staying on top” requires a lot more than clever business strategies, the key is differentiation [...]

5-Steps to Mobile

31 Jan 2013 by Steve Randles
It doesn’t take a particularly clear crystal ball to know that Mobile technology is taking over from more traditional communications. Some interesting statistics: [...]

superheroes1 The Parallel Theory…

21 Dec 2012 by Illana Graff
Life at KRS and its similarities with The Big Bang Theory. [...]