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jerm-musk Jerm on Elon Musk

5 Oct 2017 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

honeykome partnership Announcement of KRS and Honeykome partnership

4 Oct 2017 by KRS
Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS) and digital agency HoneyKome, have announced a formal collaboration designed to deliver integrated campaigns – backend and frontend – around the Progress® SitefinityTM CMS and Marketing Automation platform. [...]

simplifyingsoftware Simplifying software design

4 Oct 2017 by Lorraine Steyn
Software organization is a difficult subject. Most developers agree that good code design is important, but few can consistently describe what good design is. [...]

Machine learning Machine learning: no longer reserved for Hollywood blockbusters

31 Aug 2017 by KRS
The jury is still out on whether or not Facebook really shut down an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment, but the signs are clear: machine learning is no longer a far-fetched flight of fancy. [...]

Jerm on phones Jerm on phones

31 Aug 2017 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

server Have you been pwned?

28 Aug 2017 by KRS
Over the past few years, cybercrime has become an increasingly real threat for businesses and individuals alike. [...]

phone Radical Data Transformation

28 Aug 2017 by Lorraine Steyn
Forget growing the economy if data is not made affordable and accessible, or if app developers continue to disrespect phone users in South Africa, says Lorraine Steyn, CEO of KRS. [...]

Sitefinity partner KRS partners with Sitefinity, the Enterprise CMS

22 Aug 2017 by KRS
We are excited to announce that KRS has been appointed as a Progress Partner, for the SitefinityTM CMS and Digital Marketing Automation platform. [...]

Staying relevant over 30 years Staying relevant over 30 years

13 Feb 2017 by KRS

fakenews Jerm on fake news

13 Feb 2017 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm [...]

padlock Securing Connectedness

12 Dec 2016 by Lorraine Steyn
Lor Steyn was recently the main contributor to an article in the November issue of Leadership Magazine on the trends we can expect in 2017. [...]

Jerm on Web Cams Jerm on Web Cams

1 Dec 2016 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

jerm-linkedin Jerm on LinkedIn

7 Sep 2016 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

Talking Digital Talking Digital

1 Sep 2016 by Lorraine Steyn
Are your IT and Marketing departments on the same page when it comes to technology? Both departments are independent of each other in the running of the business, but they shouldn’t be. They are in fact inter-dependent. [...]

tech roundup Tech Round-Up

1 Sep 2016 by KRS
Two of the biggest topics in the tech world are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – here’s a little look into the future… [...]

news Company News

1 Sep 2016 by KRS
KRS has focused on Skills Development for all of our history, and for the last 9 years, our major investment has been in our annual Internship. This amazing programme bridges varsity and college learning and the needs of a commercial IT department. [...]

Jerm on ReTweets Jerm on ReTweets

30 Jul 2016 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

taskexpress Digital Worker Ants get a helping hand

6 Jul 2016 by KRS
We’ve upgraded our Task Express website to be more reflective of what this handy programme can accomplish. [...]

IT skills IT Skills for the Future

6 Jul 2016 by Lorraine Steyn
We were recently asked to submit an article to Achiever magazine, exploring career choices in the IT field. [...]

Job Shadowing at KRS Job Shadowing at KRS

27 Jun 2016 by KRS
In anticipation of our next Software Development Internship programme for 2017, we have started offering I.T students interested in coding an opportunity to come and spend a day with us to experience our company culture. [...]