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roomseeker Roomseeker expands

12 Sep 2018 by KRS
RoomSeekerConnect allows a seamless real time booking process to Online Travel Agencies of your choice. [...]

xamarin dev Why we use Xamarin for our mobile app development

12 Sep 2018 by KRS
Since launching KRS Mobile, we have been pleased with the interest our approach has received from the market. Mobile Apps have great potential to be business disruptors but must be secure and properly integrated with enterprise systems in order to give full value. [...]

dev Skills shortage in sub-Saharan Africa

10 Sep 2018 by KRS
With even the smallest of companies switching onto the power of being mobile and having an 'app' to engage and retain customers, it's no wonder that the technology development world is growing apace. However, demand for these skills in sub-Saharan Africa currently outstrips supply, in so doing forcing the cost up and resulting in increasingly longer lead times for an app to be developed and delivered. [...]

Go Small Go Small

8 Aug 2018 by Lorraine Steyn
Agile, for me, means "go small". Break each part down, smaller, smaller, smaller. From stories, to tests and methods, and check-ins, deployments, everything. Stop talking about scale meaning bigger, and work at "small". [...]

itensity Itensity smashes R1billion debit order mark

8 Aug 2018 by KRS
Itensity Management Software has successfully processed over R1billion of debit orders on behalf of its clients. A joint venture between KRS and Itensity Online, operating as KRS Club, it is a dynamic company that has tailored a specialised product for clients in the fitness and health industry. [...]

Sitefinity_websiteofthequarter Virgin Active Red website ranked among top Sitefinity projects

6 Aug 2018 by KRS
KRS is proud to announce that the new Virgin Active Red website implemented by our Sitefinity team was recognized in the top 5 websites of the quarter by Progress. [...]

walkingincircles The circle of death

6 Aug 2018 by Sharna Sammy
Have you experienced team discussions or meetings going round and round in circles - with no real outcome - only to be repeated again and again? Sharna Sammy, Scrum Master at KRS, likes to call this The Circle of Death and has four helpful tips to avoid this situation. [...]

Code The Truth is in the Code

1 Aug 2018 by Lorraine Steyn
Let's talk about software, and how commenting our code has changed since I started (in the virtual dark ages), to now. [...]

personalisation2 Website Personalisation

25 Jul 2018 by Gerald Steyn
The website is now capable of creating a specific user experience whenever website visitors browse a specific page or click on a button or link. What is the way forward for companies to click with their audiences? [...]

krsnews The Latest News from KRS

25 May 2018 by KRS
Check out the May 2018 edition of the KRS newsletter. [...]

Data Privacy The importance of Data Protection

24 May 2018 by Ayesha Bagus-Casker
South Africa has the POPI Act, and Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Act comes into effect 25 May 2018. Regulation is long overdue, as compromised consumers have discovered after the various data breaches suffered recently. We share our tips for any companies that still need to embrace the new legislation. [...]

jerm-why-nobody-uses-bitcoin Jerm on Bitcoin

16 May 2018 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

abstract-cloud Beyond Tomorrow - Our trend forecast

16 May 2018 by KRS
Here’s a brief look at some of the exciting trends that we see in our future – a kind of “speed dating” acquaintance with some of the big trends coming up! [...]

Agile Retro Creating a More Meaningful Retrospective

14 May 2018 by Lisa Jacobus
Balancing both qualitative (focusing on the feelings of the team) and quantitative (data driven) discussions helped us to maximize the value we were getting out of our retrospectives. [...]

KRS VR Team Virtual Reality offers exciting business opportunities

7 May 2018 by Jean-Pierre Damstra
Virtual reality has long since moved from the realm of science fiction into the homes of avid gamers and offices of innovative design companies. In the near future, we can expect to see VR and AR become increasingly relevant to both business and consumer. [...]

Pairing Impressed with Pair Programming

8 Apr 2018 by Lorraine Steyn
Just what is pair programming? Extreme Programming defined it as two developers who team together and work on one computer to develop user stories. Does that work? [...]

gym Fit for business – KRS Club and Itensity Online club together

12 Dec 2017 by Lorraine Steyn
Khanyisa Real Systems and fast-growing web development company Itensity Online, have joined forces on the Club Management software front. [...]

bitcoins Jerm on Bitcoins

29 Nov 2017 by KRS
The latest cartoon by Jerm. [...]

November news from KRS

29 Nov 2017 by KRS
Check out our latest newsletter, which takes a look at the top enterprise trends for 2018 and our company news. To top it off, we’ve compiled a gadget gift guide to treat the tech-lover in your life. [...]

software Top Enterprise Trends for 2018 - digital transformation

28 Nov 2017 by KRS
Software developers are now in high demand. We are no longer the geeks confined to the back rooms of corporations, we are leading the transformation of enterprise – from the front. [...]