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KRS people The spirit of KRS

19 Jul 2021 by Elizabeth Duff
Back in 1987, KRS set out to build great software. 34 years later that hasn’t changed and we’re proud of the many products and projects we’ve put into the hands of thousands of people. But apart from our love for software, what is it that makes KRS tick? [...]

oops-sign-wooden-cut-circle 11 things that make a website look bad

2 Mar 2021 by Elizabeth Duff
Your online presence is a fundamental expression of your brand, and the need for a sleek, inviting website is critical. Yet vast numbers of websites miss the mark with bad design choices, resulting in fewer visitors and lost potential revenue. Just how do things go wrong? [...]

Front-end development Neglect the Front-end at your Peril

8 Dec 2020 by Elizabeth Duff
Front-end is crucial in crafting products that clients want to use and buy. Both back-end and front-end teams deserve the same level of attention and respect, and would do well to work closely together from the outset of a project. [...]

Blog_Img A step by step facilitators guide to running an Event Storming Session

13 Oct 2020 by Ayesha Bagus
Event Storming is a lightweight method aimed at collaboratively creating a model of a complex business flow. It is a workshop-based method to quickly find out what is happening in the domain of a software program. [...]

full-stack design The Rise and Rise of Full-Stack Design

21 Jul 2020 by Elizabeth Duff
After the rise of the full-stack developer, the IT industry is abuzz with notion of the full-stack designer. This equally sought-after role brings a dizzying array of possibilities for tech-savvy creatives. [...]

Space-facebook Working with Space in Design

18 Jun 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Traditional design tended to focus on balance and symmetrical space. However, now in 2020, the use of unbalanced space is a major design trend that is unlikely to go away anytime time soon. [...]

Collab-Facebook Helpful Collaboration Tools

1 Jun 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Remote work can be challenging for teams - especially in terms of communication, brainstorming, documentation management and sharing. Here are our favourite collaboration tools to help remote employees and teams working on common projects or tasks. [...]

Gradient-Facebok Gradient Inspiration

12 May 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
For all of you who have been pushing forward with work, and were assigned to new projects BUT run out of creative juices, look no further and have a peek at these beautiful sites! [...]

10 Free Fonts 10 Trendy Free Fonts

6 May 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Here are a variety of 10 amazing free fonts that have been specially sought out for you to go wild with! All you have to do is simply click the link, however, please take care and respect licenses that have any reference to private or commercial use, as you may find that sometimes you wont be able to freely download them anymore. [...]

Div Soup No Appetite for Div Soup? Get a Taste for HTML5 Semantic Tags

22 Apr 2020 by Elizabeth Duff
Many sites are still bogged in "div soup", the tendency to wrap far too many HTML elements in divs. The solution? Semantic tags! [...]

My Post- Facebook Wondering about the next best easy and healthy meal to make?

17 Apr 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Are you at home now, either working remotely alone, with a roommate, a loved one or perhaps with your spouse and three kids? Whatever your situation is, we’re sure you can relate to the realities of lockdown, where everyday life is a rush and there ain’t no time for cooking at all! [...]

break The Importance of Taking Breaks during Work

9 Apr 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
The Importance of Taking breaks when working form home. [...]

Working from home tips from KRS Remote Working Tips from KRS

19 Mar 2020 by Elizabeth Duff
The coronavirus outbreak has caused many companies to encourage remote working. Here are some helpful tips from KRS to help you along the way. [...]

Sitefinity SEO Tips Sitefinity SEO Tips - How to increase your Text/HTML ratio

31 Jul 2019 by Gerald Steyn
Need to boost your SEO rankings by increasing your text/HTML ratio. Our latest video shows how you can achieve this. [...]

testing-software-KRS Testing Times – knowing when to lick the spoon and when not

19 Jun 2019 by Lorraine Steyn
Lorraine Steyn, Simplifier-in-Chief at KRS, makes the case that test coverage is the opposite of allowing developers to be creative thinking professionals writing high quality unit tests. [...]

customer_royalty The Customer is Royalty

14 Mar 2019 by User Not Found
Being able to customise the online brand experience is becoming ever more important. What are you doing to ensure that your individual customer journey from web to mobile is delivering the ROI you need to deliver on your business goals? [...]

Tailor Made Designer Customer Experiences

29 Jan 2019 by Gerald Steyn
No longer a fashion term, customer experiences are being ‘designed’ by a growing force of experienced digital marketer technicians. Here's a look at How and Why? [...]

personalisation Take command and let’s get real and personal!

14 Jan 2019 by Gerald Steyn
An ’experience cloud’ consolidates and processes customer data, their digital experience, along with ‘personalisation’, ultimately creating an effective, intelligent vehicle to understand and deliver customer journeys, as well as attaining business value. [...]

reviews Performance reviews in an Agile environment

10 Dec 2018 by Ayesha Bagus
Performance reviews, just like any other process, need inspection and adaption. They need to meet the company’s needs now. [...]

Connected by the DEC How do you connect customers and prospects across multiple channels?

7 Dec 2018 by Gerald Steyn
Key elements and activities used to derive the most benefit from the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud include knowing your audience, then how to connect directly with them. [...]