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Tailor Made Designer Customer Experiences

29 Jan 2019 by Gerald Steyn
No longer a fashion term, customer experiences are being ‘designed’ by a growing force of experienced digital marketer technicians. Here's a look at How and Why? [...]

cloudtech What is a Digital Experience Cloud?

19 Oct 2018 by Gerald Steyn
While Big Data is seemingly ‘all the rage’ in the digital marketing and tech worlds, the technology that seems to be capturing the attention of enterprise marketers, is the ability to organise and measure customer data sets obtained from their web properties. [...]

Machine learning Machine learning: no longer reserved for Hollywood blockbusters

31 Aug 2017 by KRS
The jury is still out on whether or not Facebook really shut down an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment, but the signs are clear: machine learning is no longer a far-fetched flight of fancy. [...]