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Front-end development Neglect the Front-end at your Peril

8 Dec 2020 by Elizabeth Duff
Front-end is crucial in crafting products that clients want to use and buy. Both back-end and front-end teams deserve the same level of attention and respect, and would do well to work closely together from the outset of a project. [...]

cloudtech What is a Digital Experience Cloud?

19 Oct 2018 by Gerald Steyn
While Big Data is seemingly ‘all the rage’ in the digital marketing and tech worlds, the technology that seems to be capturing the attention of enterprise marketers, is the ability to organise and measure customer data sets obtained from their web properties. [...]

Code The Truth is in the Code

1 Aug 2018 by Lorraine Steyn
Let's talk about software, and how commenting our code has changed since I started (in the virtual dark ages), to now. [...]