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Space-facebook Working with Space in Design

18 Jun 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Traditional design tended to focus on balance and symmetrical space. However, now in 2020, the use of unbalanced space is a major design trend that is unlikely to go away anytime time soon. [...]

Collab-Facebook Helpful Collaboration Tools

1 Jun 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Remote work can be challenging for teams - especially in terms of communication, brainstorming, documentation management and sharing. Here are our favourite collaboration tools to help remote employees and teams working on common projects or tasks. [...]

Gradient-Facebok Gradient Inspiration

12 May 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
For all of you who have been pushing forward with work, and were assigned to new projects BUT run out of creative juices, look no further and have a peek at these beautiful sites! [...]

10 Free Fonts 10 Trendy Free Fonts

6 May 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Here are a variety of 10 amazing free fonts that have been specially sought out for you to go wild with! All you have to do is simply click the link, however, please take care and respect licenses that have any reference to private or commercial use, as you may find that sometimes you wont be able to freely download them anymore. [...]

My Post- Facebook Wondering about the next best easy and healthy meal to make?

17 Apr 2020 by Anastasia Pentz
Are you at home now, either working remotely alone, with a roommate, a loved one or perhaps with your spouse and three kids? Whatever your situation is, we’re sure you can relate to the realities of lockdown, where everyday life is a rush and there ain’t no time for cooking at all! [...]