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Tailor Made Designer Customer Experiences

29 Jan 2019 by Gerald Steyn
No longer a fashion term, customer experiences are being ‘designed’ by a growing force of experienced digital marketer technicians. Here's a look at How and Why? [...]

abstract-cloud Beyond Tomorrow - Our trend forecast

16 May 2018 by KRS
Here’s a brief look at some of the exciting trends that we see in our future – a kind of “speed dating” acquaintance with some of the big trends coming up! [...]

software Top Enterprise Trends for 2018 - digital transformation

28 Nov 2017 by KRS
Software developers are now in high demand. We are no longer the geeks confined to the back rooms of corporations, we are leading the transformation of enterprise – from the front. [...]

padlock Securing Connectedness

12 Dec 2016 by Lorraine Steyn
Lor Steyn was recently the main contributor to an article in the November issue of Leadership Magazine on the trends we can expect in 2017. [...]

Powering up with Elon Musk and his Powerwall

28 May 2015 by KRS
The Powerwall, (version 1) is the first renewable energy source aimed principally at the home consumer market. It is currently billed as ‘energy storage for a sustainable home.’ [...]

Top IT trends for 2015

29 Jan 2015 by KRS
Since we are at the beginning of the year, let’s take a look at some of the trends set to affect the IT world ahead. [...]

Software skills planning for 2015

28 Aug 2014 by KRS
While you are planning your company’s goals for 2015, what software development are you going to need to help achieve these goals? More often than not, internal development teams cannot meet all roadmap goals, not through lack of knowledge, but lack of resources. [...]